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KING Colonel *Robert, Sr.

Male Abt 1625 - 1693

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  • Name  KING Colonel *Robert, Sr. 
    Title  Colonel 
    Born  Abt 1625  England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender  Male 
    _UID  5D2DC05C328D314DB9A14C6DD5B2988297D9 
    Died  1693  WP, Stafford Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Person ID  I372  Ancestors of Catherine Yvonne King | The Ancestors of Catherine King from the Virginia King Family of Stafford and Louisa County, Virginia
    Last Modified  16 Sep 2004 

    Father  KING *Francis,   b. Abt 1589, Chestershire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother  ASTON Dorothy,   b. Abt 1593, Chestershire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID  F427  Group Sheet

    Family 1  BROOKE *Elizabeth,   b. 18/28 Nov 1655, Brooke Place Manor , Charles Co. MD Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 13 Jul 1686, Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID  F1393  Group Sheet

    Family 2  SCARBOROUGH Hannah ( cousin ),   b. Abt 1630, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1695 
    Married  Abt 1645  England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    >1. KING Robert , Jr.,   b. Abt 1646, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1690, Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. KING Dororthy,   b. Abt 1647, England Find all individuals with events at this location
    >3. KING Edmund or Richard,   b. Abt 1648, England Find all individuals with events at this location
     4. KING John,   b. Abt 1650, England Find all individuals with events at this location
     5. KING Elizabeth,   b. Abt 1650, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
    >6. KING *William (Senior),   b. Abt 1652, Westmoreland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. (?)Bef 22 May 1702, Stafford, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
     7. KING Joseph,   b. 1664, New Kent, Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
    Family ID  F434  Group Sheet

  • Notes 
    • NOTE: Robert owned land in Stafford County, Virginia in 1668. Family history says he was killed by
      WDC Gen Web-Francis King>VA/MD/WV
      BIRTH-DEATH-SPOUSE-MARRIAGE: E Mail message received from Larry Thomas, 11 March 1997
      thomashm@fidnet.com ( re: World Family Tree Vol #3 CD )
      From William Borders: texborders@aol.com: " The Virginia Historical Magazine, vol XXIV, pages # 202-203, says " Robert King ( son of Francis King who came to Virginia headrights of Giles Brent 1653) married Elizabeth BROOKE, daughter of Robert Brook of Maryland."

      SPOUSE: Information included in the manuscript " The Ancestral Pilgrimage Along Life's Pathway", by
      Roy Stevenson King, Atlanta, GA 1939. See page # 53.

      On the Aquia Creek there stands an Episcopal Church where our ancestors Robert King and his wife
      Hannah; his son Major William King and his wife, and Robert King, Jr. and his wife attended church and no doubt took an important part in it's work at that time. The following inscription appears on a marker on the highway near the church-
      " Here is Aquia Church, the Church of Overwharton Parish, formed in 1680
      by the division of Potomac Parish.
      It was built in 1757, on the site of an earlier Church, in the Rectorship of the Reverend John Moncure, who was the Parish minister from 1738 to 1764. The communion silver was given to the Parish in 1739 and was buried in three successive wars- 1776, 1812 and 1861. This church is well preserved and services are still held there. The interior is as in the days of old, with the individual family pews and the " three high " pulpit. An old cemetery surrounds the church.

      Robert King, who married Hannah_______, was born 1625 and lived in Ireland, was a Major in the
      Colonial Militia of Northampton County, Virginia, and at one time Justice. His son William also served in the Colonial Militia as Captain in the Middlesex County Troops ( Virginia Historical Magazine, March
      4th, 1917. Crozier in his book mentions that Robert King was a " Major in the Colonial Militia and as taking up land in Northumberland County, Charles City County, Westmoreland County and Stafford County, VA. Major Robert King has been accepted by the National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. See National # 3117 and #3225

      It has been stated by somecommentators that two Robert Kings, cousins, came to America, one of whom went to Somerset Co., MD and the other to Northampton County, Virginia. The Robert King who stayed in Virginia had beenreared in Ireland-his relatives the Blounts and Revells living there. The Randall Revells of Someset County, MD were connected with the Kings on several sides; John Scarborough married ________King, daughter of Captain William King in 1609, he was a brother of Captain Edmund Scarborough.Colonel Edmund Scarborough, 1611-1671, had a sister Katherine, who married Randall Revell ofSomerset County, Md. John Revell, who died in Ireland left his estate to Robert, John and William King.

      Robert King and his very close friend or relative, Richard Ayliffe, came to Virginia at some date shortly
      before or about the year 1662 for in that year on February 4th, they secured patents and obtained grants to lands which were laid out for them in what is now Westmoreland County. These two men were very closely associated with one another in all of their dealings and this interest and affection endured and was extended into the activities of the children of Robert King. It is most reasonable to
      believe that some kinship existed between these men and that Richard Ayliffe was the younger of the
      two. Together they brought the family of Robert King into the colony together with several other persons whose passage they secured with their own funds as is shown by the rights named for them in the patents given to them. ( Headright information) sic . Robert King brought with him into Virginia,
      his wife Hannah or Johannah, and the following children: Robert, William, Richard, and a daughter
      named Elizabeth. Perhaps other children were born after he came to Virginia.

      Robert King settled upon land granted to him in Wiccomico in Westmoreland County, and he died there in 1693. His will was proved in court in 1695 by Alexander Spence, acting as attorney for Johanna, the " widow of the late deceased Robert King. " The pages for the will book of this date have perished so we do not have a full copy of his will but the deeds of later dates made by his descendants and other such records in connections with his lands and his family give much information. Johanna King survived her husband and was still living in 1695.

      Before giving the abstracts of those deeds and records it may well to review the history of the land boundaries of the early Virginia counties in order to follow these records. Westmoreland County was
      organized in 1653 from Old Northumberland. Old Rappahannock County was formed the same year from Northumberland, these two newly formed Counties comprised all the area between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers above Northumberland until Stafford County was organized in 1664.
      Stafford County in 1664 embraced a much larger and different area than it does today as its boundaries have changed many times. It is very important to recognize these changes made in the boundaries of Stafford County in tracing the land holdings of the King family. The county of King George was not organized until 1721 from Richmond County, which in turn had been erected from the area within Old Rappahannock in 1692. At that date the name of Rappahannock was changed to Essex. Also it was about this date that the area between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers was granted to Thomas, Lord Culpepper. After 1721 the lines between King George County and Stafford County were changed several times.

      The Parish of St. Paul covered both counties in part, but not wholly for either. All of the above history must be understood in order to follow the line of descent from Robert King to his great-grandson Joseph King.

      Abstracts from the Books in the Virginia State Land Offices, Richmond, Virginia.

      Book #4, page # 596: Notation on 250 acres of land adjoining land of John POPE...says to see MK #1, pp # 117-119 of the Northern Neck Grants for this land. This reference states that this tract of land was abandoned by Robert King and laster assigned to Dennis McCARTY.... ( The Northern Neck Grants in the term used for the grants made under the larger grant to Thomas, Lord Culpepper which descended to the Lord Fairfax, as his heirs and were known as the proprietors of the Northern Neck
      of Virginia.) They made new grants and renewed old grants to land between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers.

      Northern Neck Grant: BK#1, page # 128, dated March 1694-5. Sam Cox has 378 acres laid off which lies partly in Stafford and partly in Richmond counties and adjoins land of George KING, Henry BERRY and Joe OWEN. ( This part of Richmond County became later in 1721, King George County ).
      The above George King seems to have recieved some of the land which had previously been granted to Robert KING which indicates he may have been another son.

      In our research work we have followed out the names and lands of the neighbors of Robert King, Sr.
      and of Robert King, Jr. After the acres of land between the Potomac and the Rappahnock Rivers was granted to the Proprietors of the Northern Neck it was sometimes necessary for the former grantees to renew their grants in order to secure a clear title. You will find that Joeph King , the desecenent of Robert King had this done in certain instances. These were recorded in Book #Z of Stafford County into which jurisdiction much of the land grants we have recited fell.

      It would seem quite probable that Richard Ayliffe had married an older daughter of Robert (1) King
      ( possibly Dorothy ?) and that through this connection Robert King assigned or caused part of the land
      headrights of his own family to be laid off for Ayliffe. Ayliffe was closley associated with the next generation of this King family.

      Robert King, the immigrant (? ) to Westmoreland County, VA died in the year 1693, and before the court held November 29, of that year. On the old Court Order Book of 1690-1698, page # 112, dated Court held November 28, 1695, " Upon petition of Alexander SPENCE, attorney for Johannah King, relict and widow of Robert King, desceased, the probate of the will and the letters testamentary of this estate is granted to said Johanna King.

      From deeds recorded by the descendants of Robert and Johanna King we learn that this will of Robert King's was dated September 25,1693 and proved November 1693 and that he left 200 acres of land which had escheated from one Edward Franklin. The additional abstracts for the records on the generation of Robert King and his children are placed in the appendix of this lineage.

      It would seem quite probable that further research work in Virginia and Maryland would give a full list of the children of Robert and Johanna King. This family had connections on the Maryland side of the Potomac. ( I agree.... Robert, Jr. children lived in Somerset Co., MD ) I have a transcript of his son's will.

      Note: The will of Robert King was presented to the Court of Westmoreland Co., VA in 1693 by Alexander Spence acting as attorney for Johanna, the widow and relict of said Robert King. Later deeds show the connections between the above children and their parents. Other children may have been named in his will. In fact it would seem that he did have other children and that the King families on the Maryland side of the Potomac were connected with this generation of the King family.

      For lineage purposes the following arms can be used:
      These are given by Grozier and also Morrison.
      Arms- Kings of Devonshire and Torcester, Northamptonshire, England and the following arms:
      Sable, a lion rampant between three ?? crosses, crosslets, or ( meaning gold ) ducally crowned, argeant ( meaning silver ). CREST: Out of a ducal coronet, or ( gold ) a demiostrich, argent, winds endorsed, beak of the first. MOTTO: " Audaces Fortuna Jurat " ( Fortune favors the brave ). These are the arms of the family of Kings ( KYNGE ) of Thame, Oxon and Worminghall, Bucks, eminent members of which were Robert King, first Bishop of Oxford; John King, Bishop of London; Henry King, Bishop
      of Chichester, whom all sprung from John King ( KYNGE) " Yeoman " of Thame County, Oxon in 1442.
      SOURCE CITE: The Ancestral Pilgrimage along life's pathway, by Roy Stevenson King, page # 58

      In a deed dated June 26,1759 recorded in Stafford Co., VA made by Burdett Clifton to Walter Williamson when he sold a certain land, Burdette Clifton recites the following giving the full title to this tract of land:
      Book P; page # 278, June 26, 1759: Burdett Clifton of St. Pauls Parish, Stafford Co., VA to Walter Williamson.
      "............50 acres of land which was part of a tract of land granted to Gervaise Dodson by Lord William
      Berkley and was sold by the said Dodson to Andrew Peddygrew and by the said Peddygrew was sold
      to Robert Howson and the said Howson sold 500 acres of this tract to ROBERT KING who sold 100
      acres to Jasper Bennett....the remaining part of the 500 acres was devised by said ROBERT KING by his will dated August 12,1689 to his two sons JOSEPH KING and BENJAMIN KING and the said JOSEPH KING sold his part to William Sewell in 1703 and the said Sewell sold his part in 1749 to the said Burdett Clifton who is now a party to this deed....."

      In other such deed this Robert KING and Ann, his wife, releases her dower in the lands. ( Inherited from a DANIELS? )....

  • Sources 
    1. [S14] The Limbs and Branches of the Smith Family Tree, Terry D. & Cathleen Smith, (WorldConnect.Com ).