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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S129 Find -A-Grave
2 S14  The Limbs and Branches of the Smith Family Tree
Terry D. & Cathleen Smith 
3 S95 1850 United States Federal Census
4 S10 1880 Census
5 S13 1880 United States Census
6 S23 2004 Weaver and Sanders Update
David Weaver 
7 S56 A History of Rowan Co., North Carolina
Reverend Jethro Rumple 
8 S107 Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories
J. Estelle Stewart King 
9 S118 Abstracts of Will Book A for Franklin County, Georgia
10 S86 Alabama Records; Volume 146 Jackson County
Pauline Jones Gandrud 
11 S106 Ancestors and Relations of Parker & Trisha ( Layton) Todd WFT
E. Parker Todd 
12 S88 Ancestral File
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
13 S97 Ancestral File ( R ) , Copyright (c ) 1987
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
14 S80 Ancestral Lines of Carey Seagraves ( electronic ) faemystique@acsalaska.net
Carey Seagraves 
15 S4 Ancestry.com: Leland Graham Turner updated; 5/25/02
16 S19 Application for Mortuary Warrant
17 S102 Arrington Genealogy
Lawrence Fobes 
18 S103 Barbara Carroll Volz Smith FTM ( Information recieved from Sue Porter ( suport@aol.com)
Barbara V.Smith 
19 S61 Betty King McCoskey Genealogy
Betty King McCoskey 
20 S52 Betty King McCoskey, Genealogist
21 S2 Birth Certificate
State of Florida 
22 S113 Bob Brown ( Brown Family Genealogist )
Bob Brown 
23 S90 Bowles, Jones, Walker, Farmer GENWEB
Linnaea Bowles 
24 S5 Brian Michael Barnes decendency register. Ancestry.com
25 S29 Brooke Family Tree
Dale Brook Gerdeman 
26 S74 Burkes, London Parish Records: 1539-1660, St. Margaret, Westminster
27 S49 Canary-McMahan World Family Tree
Michael Dean Canary 
28 S104 Chandler Family Association Newletter
Annamae Chandler 
29 S124 Christina Aeschbacher Genealogy
Christina Aeschbacher 
30 S76 Civil War Pension File
31 S27 Clinton R. Haggard GEDCOM
Clinton R. Haggard 
32 S68 Consent Surety
33 S123 Dame Family Genealogy being Descendants of George Dame of Hanover, Germany
Helen Morse Dame 
34 S12 Death Certificate
35 S115 Descendants of John Smith (WFT)
Julie Walters 
36 S28 Descendents of Bartholomew Stovall(1665-1722) The First Five American Generations
Donald E. Bishop 
37 S51 Descendents of John A. Criner
38 S62 Don Latham King Genealogy
Donald Latham King, cousin 
39 S72 Family Ancestry of Lauren Myrick Nash(Ancestry.com)
Lauren Nash 
40 S82 Family Knowledge
41 S109 Fauquier County Marriage Index
42 S121 Frederick Emert of Tennessee WFT
Randy Emert 
43 S85 Freeman.FTW
44 S24 GEDCOM file.mwballard.ged
Mark Willis Ballard 
45 S114 Gone To Georgia, Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Westen Migration
William C. Stewart 
46 S89 Gowens, Reed, Kendrick, Robinson Family Research
Craig K. Gowens 
47 S25 Hallford,Hayes, Couch, DeLoach and Associated Lines
Susan Courch ( scouch71@grandecom.net ) 
48 S117 Heritage of Rowan County, North Carolina Volume I, 1991
Katherine Sanford Petrucelli, John Burgess Fisher 
49 S69 Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and their Connections
Henry Morton Woodson 
50 S55 History of Tennessee: From the Earliest Time to the Present

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