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6th Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Waterford, George was the richest and most powerful man in England
owning hudnreds of great houses and large estates, a widower with six children. The familial marriage ties were further strenghtened by 2 other marriages. Mary Cavendish ( 12 years old ) to Gilbert Talbot
and Henry Cavendish ( 18 years old ) to Grace Talbot ( 8 years old ). George married the Lady
Gertrude Manners on April 28, 1539 in London. His first wife, Gertrude, daughter of the Earl of Rutland
died in 1566 and two years later he married Elizabeth, daughter of John Hardwick, the celebrated " Bess of Hardwick".
The high esteem in which the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury were held by Elizabeth I was that she appointed them as Guardians to the captive Mary, Queen of Scotts in 1569, and she was frequently kept at Chatsworth while under their guard. Mary remained in his charge for fourteen years, most of which were spend at Sheffield Castle. Acrimonious relations with his wife, the strong-will " Bess of Hardwick ", led to
rumours of an " improper intimacy " between Shrewsbury and his prisoner. 
602 Alabama Records, Volume 19, Jackson Co., AL ( Wills, Estates, Deeds, etc. ) Compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud. Page 12 of Compilation:
Page 75 of Record Book K
" George W., Minerva A., Jacob Luna, Thomas Huston McMahan ( no punctuation), heirs of Rebekah McMahan, deceased. State of Texas, Caldwell Co., March Term 1856. 
TALLY Rebecca
603 Flora E. Thomas is sister to Anna Thomas who married Charles KING THOMAS Flora E.

Relatives of Margaret Robe Summitt ( I1317 ): Notations as shown.

Birth: Calculated from date of death on grave marker, part of which appears in a photo in " The Ancestors
and Descendants of Abraham Braun ( Brown ), the Miller, etc. Publishing information. I have the book
referenced. Margaret Robe Summitt called John Burgess Fisher Dec. 1997; he said he has written 3
books on the Brown family and sounded " burned out"; he suggested another Brown family researcher
in the Salisbury, NC area. Fisher's phone no: (704)637-0988. He suggested Betty Dan Spencer, 280
Topsail Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146. Maryland birthplace of Nancy Ann Thompson from 1850 Cenus,
Vermilion County, IL.

21 April 1998: Melissa Alexander ( mada@cmc.net ) phoned me with info she got from posting my
query about Nancy Ann Thompson on the Rootsweb group. Thompson mailing list. She got an email
from Diane Wilson, 3rd great grandniece of Jacob Brown. ( dwilson50@aol.com with responses from two
BROWN descendants. They had a conflicting birthdate, however Scott Brown, who lives in Georgetown,
IL ( brownie@k-in.com) says that her name was Nancy Miers Ann Thompson, that she was born in Washington Co., TN 25 March 1781, that she married Jacob Brown, and that she died 9th August 1858
in Georgetown, Vermilion, IL. And that her parents were William Thompson b. abot 1754 and Mary Miers
( the first name Margaret has also been given ) b. abot 1752. Bob BROWN Bbrownsr@aol.com has a conflicting birthdate of 1786 but the death date is the same. Bob Brown cites the book by Wendell Stream on the Brown and Thompson families as his source. Melissa will send my " snail mail " address on to Diane Wilson and I hope Diane will write me. 
THOMPSON Nancy Miers Ann
605 Colonel in the War of 1812 TOBIN George
Elizabeth was Nathaniels second wife 
UNKNOWN Elizabeth

Wallace, Alexander, of Paoli; 12 April 1863; 1 December 1863; Heirs: daughters Mary Ann Wallace, Margaret and Dorinda; Louise Jane BLACKBURN; sons James and Alexander; grandaughter Caroline Wallace now living with me; MARGARET Wallace trustee for Caroline; Heirs of Jonah GLOVER, to wit:
Addison C. and Benjamin F. Glover, Priscilla Chamberlain, Sarah Jane Newby; John and William Wallace and Eliza C. POTTER.
Campbell WALLACE. Executor son William 
WALLACE Alexander

Colonel John Washington ( Immigrant ) also shows a death date of 16 September 1677, Westmoreland Co., VA 

Ancestors and Descendents of Abraham Braun/Brown and Jacob Brown, the Wagonmaker
by John B. Fisher, Dorothy B. Koller and Margaret Brown Anderson lists Barbara as Wattenbarger.
In both: Rowan County, North Carolina Marriage Records 1754-1866 by Frances Ingmire and
Marriages of Rowan County, North Carolina 1762-1850 by Jeffrey Campbell lists her last name

He was a cloth merchant and he resided in Sudbury, County Suffolk, England. He left a will dated
5 December 1605 at Sudbury, County Suffolk, England; proved 3 May 1608
SOURCE: Weld Collections by Charles Frederick Robinson ( Ann Arbor, MI, 1938 ( Private )). 
WELD Edmund
In 1638 in Roxbury, Soffolk, MA Joseph held Anne Hutchinson ( religious liberal who became one of the founders of Rhode Island after her banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony ). in custody in his house.
SOURCE: Encyclopedia Britannica, Title: Hutchinson, Ann ( introduction ).
His military career at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA was as a member of the Boston Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Company ( 3rd Member ). His occupation was cloth merchant and farmer. He and Elizabeth
Wyse immigrated in 1635. He and Barbara Clapp ( his 2nd wife ) resided at Roxbury, MA. He left a will
dated April 2,1646 at Suffolk County MA.
SOURCE: The Weld Collections by Robinson. Publisher Ann Arbor, MI 1938. 
WELD Joseph
Buried in the Maxwell Cemetery buried next to Levi Kash Maxwell 
WEST *Lucinda Ellden ( Elldon )
1860 United States Federal Census: Jackson County; Division #1; Page # 474; Enumeration Date:
7/27/1860; Call #: M653_11

918/919 WEST, Isaac 52 M W Farmer Value: 290 South Carolina
Cynthia 48 F W HouseKeeper Georgia
Lucinda E 22 F W TN
Joel P. 19 M W Laborer GA
Rebecca 16 F W GA
William H 13 M GA
Isaac, Jr. 10 M GA
Cynthia M 8 F GA
From Carla Starkie Research" Andrew and Lance" @ cdstarkie@yahoo.com

Resided in Dade County, GA. Among one of the earliest settlers of Dade County.
1840 Dade County Census
1850 Dade County Census
WEST Isaac G., Sr
Letter from Don L. King, dated 5/29/04 after review of the Davidson Genealogical Report.

RE: Zillah-Looking more at the letter, I tend to agree with Davidson, it is slightly different from a T. Also, the grandaughters named Zillah is a powerful argument. I found this definition ( it's of course biblical):
zil'-z ( tsillah; sella ): One of Lamech's wives ( Gen 4:19, 22, 23), The name is perhaps connected with
Tsel, " shadow ".

It's interesting to note that even Chisholm and Lillie thought it was Tillah, and quite possibly they might have pronounced it that way, and the spelling followed. Either way, I think it's a real stretch to connect Tillah with Sarah. I believe Tillah was a second wife, following the death of Sarah, most probably after
childbirth. Benjamins mother however, was certainly Zillah ( Tillah ) White, as his first born daughter was named Zilla.
WHITE Tillah " Zillah "

In 1634, Susanna joined the First Church of Charleston, Mass. 
WHITLEY *Susanna " Susan "
616 John Wiley was the oldest surviving son of Alexander Wiley and Lousiana ( or Louisa Ann ) HOUSE.
He was born in Illinois ( Probably Jasper Co. ) about 1844, according to census information. The
family moved to Texas Co., Missouri in 1858 and stayed there until the start of the Civil War when
they returned to Illinois. It is not known if John Wiley fought in the War.

John and Susan were married on 7 April 1863 in Coles Co., IL in the middle of the Civil War. According
to the " Goodspeed History of Polk County, Missouri ( 1889)". they Wiley families moved from Illinois
to Polk Co, Missouri about 1870. However, these families have not yet been located on any 1870
census. Some of these Wiley family members are known to have lived in Wishart, MO during the
period of 1875-95. The John Wiley family is shown on the 1880 Census of Polk Co,, MO ( #37-37,
Jackson Township) and Johns occupation is shown as a " huxter " or a peddler. John Wiley probably
died in Polk County sometime before the 1900 Census was taken. His wife and children are shown in
the 1900 living in Stotts City, Vineyard Township, Lawrence Co., MO. Several of John and Susan's
children moved to the Oklahoma Indian Territory and some settled near Vian in Sequoyah County.
Their oldest daughter Martha married Frank Roark and they lived in Flint Township in the Cherokee
Nation before 1900. In 1910, Susan Alice Wiley was living with her son Michael in Adair Co., OK.
In her later years Susan Alice Wiley moved to Sapulpa, OK where whe died on Christmas Day, 1920. 
617 Will of Drury Woodson of Cumberland County, Virginia:
Dated May 7, 1788, Proved on November 24,1788, Ibid. page # 442

Lend to wife Lucy Woodson six negroes viz: Daniel, Sampson, Sam, Hannah, Easter and Isaac and land whereon I now live with all estate both real and personal not hereafter particularly given by Legacy to my children to have and to hold and peaceably enjoy the term of her life; then negroes above mentioned to be equally divided among all my children except Judith Johnson and Charles Woodson, after my wife's deceased. To daughter Judith Johnson the negro boy named Joe the terms of my wife's life and said negro boy after her decease to said Judith Johnson. To son Charles Woodson five shillings sterling. To daughter Mary Woodson two negroes Rose and Peyton. To daughter Nancy King two negroes Ned and Jane. To son Drury Woodson three negroes Ben, Sal and James and land whereon I now live after my wife's descease. To daughter Elizabeth Woodson two negroes Jacob and Fanny. To daughter Martha
Woodson two negroes Mima and David. All of which legacies to be recieved as the children come of age except the land which is left to my wife the term of her life and then given to my son Drury Woodson. Wife
Lucy Woodson and son Charles Woodson Executors. Dated May 7, 1788. Witnesses: Jesse Tally, Agness Tally, Susana Foster. Proved November 24, 1788. Ibid, page # 442 
Descendents of John Woodson, submitted by Deborah D. Stanley

John Woodson was born in 1586 in Dorsetshire, England and died April 18,1644 in Fleur de Hundred on the James River, VA. He married Sarah WINSTON in 1619 in England.

Notes from " Adventurers of Purse and Person ":
John WOODSON and his wife Sarah came to Virginia in 1619, in the George and settled at Flowerdew Hundred, known by February 1624/25, when the muster was taken, as Peirsey's Hundred. They had been fellow passengers on the ship with Govenor Sir George Yeardley and his wife Temperance Flowerdew, Lady Yeardley. No further documentatary evidence has been found relating to them until 1660. A family account written about 1785 by Charles Woodson ( 1711-1795 ), son of Tarleton Woodson, however survives and supplies details which link the first generations of Woodsons and Robert Woodson, John
Woodson, Sr. and John Woodson, Jr. who were amoung the tithables at Curles in 1679.

Tradition states that John WOODSON was killed in the Indian Massacre of 18 April 1644. His children were very young and Mrs. Sarah Woodson remarried ( 2 ) DUNWELL, who died leaving her with a daughter Elizabeth, and ( 3 ) JOHNSON. As a widow again she lieft a combination inventory and nuncupative will which was recorded 17 January 1660/1. This made bequests to John Woodson, Robert Woodson, Deborah Woodson ( apparently under age ) and Elizabeth Dunwell ( under age ). John Woodson was the implied executor.

The family record of 1785, with no evidence to the contrary presented during two centureis, has posted this descent: issue: John, Robert, Deborah, left a cow and a feather bed by her mother, not mentioned in the 1785 account. 
From Descendents of John Woodson as submitted by Deborah Stanley

Robert WOODSON deposed, June 1680, that he was " 46 years of age or thereabouts", and 1 June 1696, that he was aged about 61. He married Elizabeth Ferris. On 21 October 1687 Robert Woodson, Richard Ferris and three others patented 1780 acres on White Oak Swamp in Varina Parish and the same day he, John Woodson, Sr. and two others patented 470 acres, also in Henrico County. He held 1157 acres in Henrico County, 1704 and died after 1 October 1707

From " Adventurers of Purse and Person ". 
620 Will of William Woodson: " To son Jesse Woodson by deed such a part of my estate as I intended for
him; remainder of my estate now in possession of Jesse Woodson to be equally divided between my grandson Drury Woodson, the son of Drury and my grandson William, the son of Shadrack. To Drury and
William 125 acres part of tract that I gave Shadrack Woodson. Drury Woodson executor. One of the witnesses was Mary Woodson- The Valentine Papers list the will as proved 27 June 178 and dated 24 July 1784. **GENEALOGICAL RECORDS OF BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA by Edythe R. Whitley,
published 1984, page # 114
Cumberland County, Virginia was formed from Goochland Co, VA in 1749. William did not move but
counties transferred names.

Notes from Cubbie's Ancestors @ robinson@robinsonservice.com:, their entry # 10429 by
John Elder Robison.

One very curious note about William and his wife, Sarah Allen. They named one of their children
Shadrach. Where did this name come from, as it was not found in the ancestors of William Woodson's
family, but is found in the MIMS family. Robert Woodson, brother of William, had a daughter Elizabeth
who married Shadrack MIMS as his 2nd wife. Elizabeth was the greatgrandmother of Jesse and Frank James.
William Woodson, late of Buckingham County, now of Cumberland County, owned in fee simple ____
acres of land on the branches of Randolph's Creek in said Buckingham County. The land is now in the possession of John Bagby. Drury Woodson, son of William, claimed the land was his by reason of ___
gift. Jesse Woodson, another son of William, claimed his father had promised his 100 acres on the
___________occasion of his ( Jesse's ) marriage. An agreement was reached between William,
Drury and Jesse. ________mentioned was Shadrack Woodson, another son of William. The agreement was signed by William Woodson on 17 March 1783. ( Cumberland County Deed Book #6,page # 149 
621 Jackson County was taken from Franklin County in 1796 Source: Abstracts of Will Book A for Franklin County, Georgia
622 Sue Porter is from Oregon whose husband J.D., descends through Jedithan Porter,
Barbara's Landlot's brother. 
Source: Barbara Carroll Volz Smith FTM ( Information recieved from Sue Porter ( suport@aol.com)
623 Bob Brown
3122 Brians Creek Drive, Conyers, GA 30013 ( 770/761-5165) 
Source: Bob Brown ( Brown Family Genealogist )
624 Dale is and has been a well regarded genealogist for many years Source: Brooke Family Tree
625 6928 N. LakeWood Avenue
773/743-6663 ( mwballard@yahoo.com) 
Source: GEDCOM file.mwballard.ged
626 Book is dedicated to his wife Edith Rudd and daughter Alice Emma Source: Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and their Connections
627 Original Record Location County Clerk's Office Paoli WPA Compiled by the Indiana Work Progress A 1939 Source: Index to Marriage Records 1826-1920 Inclusive Volum I Letters A-K Inclusive
628 jtelliotreplacethiswordwiththateverestkc.net Source: Irvine_samuel.ged
629 Through ROARK Rootsweb message board Source: Personal GEDCOM of Cindy Schroeder
630 I73171241 Source: Renne-Murphy WFT @renne50@hotmail.com
631 Woodson Family Pages, 1806-2089 ( Page # 1828 ) Source: The Valentine Papers

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