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Death Unknown: Moved to Missouri. Bought a farm, Osage Valley, St. Charles Co., MO 
DOAK Mary "Polly"
202 Goodspeeds History of Orange County, Indiana ( 1884 )
Goodspeed Publishing Co., ( 1886 ), page # 634 w/ JW Ellis
Robert DOAK, who is one of the oldest living citizens of Stampers Creek Township, was born in Jessamin County, KY, November 17, 1815. With his parents Joseph W. and Mary ( Irwin ) Doak, he settled in
Orange County in February 1816. His father died in1820 and his mother in 1844. The whole of
Mr. Doaks life has been spent on the farm and he knows no other trade, although handy with tools.
He has built several buildings of his own. His wife was Miss Cynthia Dunn, and she has borne him
a family of six children, named Sarah J., Almira A., Washington I., Erastus A., Everett and Elulia, all living
but Everett. Their wedding occured April 25,1843. Mr. Doak has been fortunate in financial matters and he now owns 207 acres of splendid land well improved and cultivated. He is an ardent Republican, having joined that party at its organization and leaving the Whig party. He was once a candidate for
County Commissioner, and came within twenty-five votes of being elected. During the Rebellion and prior thereto he took strong grounds in favor of abolishing slavery. He participated in checking the Morgan

1 November 1869:

COLCLASURE: Washington of Southeast Township; 13 October 1869; 1 November 1869;
Heir: wife
Executor: Robert Doak 
DOAK Robert

I, Robert Doak of Shelby County, Kentucky, calling to mind the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death being of sound mind and of disposing memory do make this my last will in maner(sic)and form following,
that is to say, So soon after my decease as the interest of my estate will justify, I wish my land and all of the personal estate sold provided the land brings fifty dollars per acre or more if it does not bring that amount I wish it withdrawn from market and in that event I will to my wife during her life that portion of my farm included in the following Boundry beginning at the Northwest corner of the land I bought of Pilsher in Harness Prices' line and with his line to the ? Rike? and thence with the south line of the Morgon trail tot he line of R.T. McCampbell and with his line south to the line of Andrew Tribble and with his line with at several courses to the line of Elizabeth Y. ?Rerces? line and with her line to Joseph Maratin's line and with his line to astone near a thorn Bush and corner to said Martin thence a strate (sic) line nearby on North Course to the begining(sic)suposed(sic) to contain one hundred and thirty five or forth acres with the appertances those unto belonging for has interest in the land provided the land should not be sold if sold in that event I will to my wife four thousand dollars out of the proceeds of the land to be put at interest for her soport(sic)and at her death to be eaqualy(sic) divided between my heirs. I also will my wife one horse and buggy.

I apoint( sic ) my wife Spacial(sic)agent to Convay(sic) the land if sold I wish my personal property sold if the land should not be sold. My will is that an eaqual(sic)division be maid(sic) between my heirs taking into the account the advancement to each one.

I will to my son Preston B. Doak, my bank stock standing to my credit in the Bank of Ashland, Shelbyville, KY which he must acout(sic)for on final settlement.

I set of to my son R.W. Doak one hundred acres of land on which he has bin(sic)lien there is no writen
(sic)agreement between us my heirs all know the agreement between us where that is carried out I wish a deed maid(sic)to him.

On the first distribution between my heirs I wish that in arears in advancements to be maid as near eaqual(sic) as posible(sic).

My will is that Wm H. Doak Shal(sic)have the piece of land ajoining him known as Lucyes Lat provided that he will pay afare(sic)price for it if he will not then I wish it sold for the best price that can be had.

The land on the east of the creek may be sold to it self if it thought best to do so or sell all together as it may seam(sic) best.

I appoint my wife Catherine Doak, executrix. I also appoint Wm H Doak, Thoams J. Doak and Preston B. Doak executors of this my last will in witness whereiof I here unto subscribe my same (?) this 18 day of August 1861.
Robert Doak
Witness: William Long
William H. Mason


Suppliment(sic) my wish is so soon as it may be conveient(sic) I wish my executors to pay my funeral expenses and other _____debts. My will is that my wife shall have her portion of my personal estate or all that the stattute(sic) will give her if it should so hapen(sic)that the land is not sold under the first Provision of the will and my wife takes that aloted(sic) to her the Heirs sell or divide as they may think best in witness whereof I here unto subscribe my name this 16th day of August 1867.
Robert Doak
SEAL WIlliam Long
William H. Mason
Kentucky, Shelby County Court Schedule
Septembre term 1867

A writing-------ing to be the last will and testament of Robert Doak des'd together with a suppliment thereto added was this day produced in Court and proven by the oaths of William Long an Wm. H. Mason the subscribing witness thereto. Whereupon the said will and suppliment therto annexed---the same is allowed and established as the last will and testament of Robert Doad, dec'd and as such duly admitted to record.

Att John t. Ballard clerk
Shelby County Court

Robert Doak Will, 1867 Supplement, Recorde Will Book # 31, page # 495
From Susan Lowry Goble:sgoble@merlin.ebicom.net: 9 May 1999
Grove Hill Cemetery: Robert Doak and first wife Susan Hamlet. Also five of the children:
Nannie Elizabeth, Robert Warren, W illiam Hamlet, James Washington, Mary Jane Doak.
DOAK Robert S
204 Family Group Sheet and Pedigree
Jerri Thompson: doiefamily2000@yahoo.com

Source: Irvins, Doaks, Dunns, Lyons and Campbells LDS Film
# 1697454,3_1

SOURCE: Index to Kentucky Wills, November 6, 1806. February 1808. Wife Martha, Sons
James, National, Alexander, Daughters: Jean Spears, Elinor Dunn ( Widow of Samuel ) children:
John Carson, Alexander Carson, Jenny Carson, Henry Doak, Martha Woods, Jean Spears: Executor:
Nathaniel Dunn ( Son) Witness: William Garnett, James Garnett.

SOURCE: Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds: James Dunn, 200 acres. Warrant # 1779. Service 12/2/1784. During Revolutionary War sold Virginia Line. James Dunn: 100 acre warrant # 3441
20 September 1783. Sold Virginia Line.

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Lookup Request # RXATTFGK
DUNN, James
IR ( Ireland ) 1 June 1724
Service: VA
Rank: Sol PS
Death: 1 August 1806
Neither: Patriot, Widow, Children or Heir Pensioned
Wife: ( 1 ) Martha LONG

From Roberta Dunn ( My Family Dunn and More )
James was a Linen Merchant and left Ireland because of taxation. Stayed in Pennsylvania for a
short time and then moved to Rockingham County, Virginia where James had a friend from Ireland
Living ( James Brewster ). They moved to Kentucky sometime around the late 1700's and from there
they moved to Indiana and point south ( Arkansas ). 
DUNN *James
205 Jinny DUNN and John FULTON ( child )
John FULTON, Jr. was born about 1782

Family Group Sheets and Pedigree
Jerri Thompson: doiefamily2000@yahoo.com
Source: Irvins, Doaks, Dunns, Lyons and Campbell LDS Film
# 1697454,3_1 
DUNN *Jane "Jinny"
206 SOURCE: Margaret Dunn ( Sister ) per deposition given by Margaret on October 1833 in reference to Pension for her brother Alexander. ( Civil War ).

SOURCE: 1790 Federal Census, Northampton County, Towanmensing Township, Pennsylvannia
No female listed with Alexander in the Cenus 
DUNN Alexander L
207 SOURCE: Will of James Dunn dated November 6,1806

SOURCE: Indiana DAR # 554954

SOURCE: Irvins, Doaks, Dunns, Lyon and Campbells LDS Film # 1697454,36 
DUNN James, Jr
208 SOURCE: Will of James Dunn, dated November 6,1806
SOURCE: Indiana DAR # 554954 ( Mary Margaret Campbell Taylor )
SOURCE: DAR, Volume # 125, Page # 299
SOURCE: MARRIAGE: Fayette County, Kentucky Marriages Till 1850 
209 Family Group Sheet and Pedigree

Jerri Thompson: doiefamily2000@yahoo.com
Source: Irvins, Doaks, Dunns, Lyon and Campbells LDS Film
# 1697454,3_1 
210 SOURCE: John F. Dunn ( Peru Indiana from LDS Family History Center )

Towanensink Township, Pennsylvannia Cenus 1790:
John Dunn-31

SOURCE: Our Pioneer Ancestors, volume # 1, Page #88
On October 13,1805 Nathaniel, Alexander, Martha and Jean as executors and Legatees of the Will
of James Dunn. Sole certain Property to James Doak, husband of Jinny. John Dunn not mentioned
in will and Elizabeth Dunn, signed this deed.

SOURCE: Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds: 200 Acres Warrant # 507 State line . Sold 1 May 1783.
100 Acre Warrant # 1532. Sold Virginia Line 18 August 1873. 
211 SOURCE: Per deposition given by Margaret on October 1833 referencing Pension for her brother
Alexander Dunn. 
DUNN Margaret
212 SOURCE: Will of James Dunn, dated November 6, 1806
SOURCE: Indiana DAR # 554954 ( Mary Margaret Campbell Taylor ) 
DUNN Martha
213 SOURCE: Will of James Dunn: 1724 ( dated November 6,1806 )

SOURCE: Kentucky Census of 1810 and 1820:

In 1810 Census: Nathaniel was listed as between 26-45, so born in 1765-1784. In 1829 Census,
Nathaniel was listed as over 45, so before 1775. Therefore he was born between 1765 and 1775 
DUNN Nathaniel
214 NOTES: Mercer County, Kentucky ( where Samuel died ) is now part of Boyd County, Kentucky.
SOURCE: Indiana DAR: # 554954 
DUNN Samuel Fowler
From Bilbo/Billiebo from France to Virginia to Kentucy by Nancy Leeg Jankowski

Note: I haven't proved that Susannah's maiden name is Dutoi but I believe it might be. I believe Susannah's parents are either Barthelemy Dutoi and Francis or Isaac Dutoi & Marianne? 
DUTOI Susannah
216 The Edwards family was one of the most prominent among the early pioneers who settled this country.
Before crossing the ocean to the wilds of America they had been in Denbigh, Wales for many centuries.
They can easily be traced back to Sir John Griffith Lloyd, a direct descendent of Roderick the Great,
King of Wales in 824. Richard Edwards of Denbigh had four sons; Richard, William, John and Thomas.
Richard, the eldest of these left Wales during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and settled in Chester,
England, where he was a minister of the established church. He later removed to London and at the time of his death was the prelate to the Queen, His son Thomas, was knighted by royal decree in 1624. This Sir Thomas Edwards had five sons; William, John, Thomas, Robert and Edmund. The eldest, William Edwards ( 1620-1685 ), came to America with his mother and step-father, John Cole, of London, and settled in Hartford, Conneticut, where he married and left numerous descendents, thus establishing the well know family of that name in New England. John, Richard, William and Thomas Edwards, grandsons of Richard of Wales, came to Virginia, and John, the eldest settled in Northumberland County, and then
removed to Surry County where he was a Burgess and married Dorothy WITHERS. Among their children was William Edwards, Jr. ,also a Burgess from Surry, who married Ann Harrison, daughter of Colonel
Benjamin Harrison, the " Councillor " ( progenitor of two Presidents of the United States ), and they were the parents of John Edwards who married Jane Arrington. This latter couple lived in Prince William County and later moved to Spotsylvania County. John Edwards was a Captain in the Colonial Militia and was with the First Virginia Regiment in the French and Indian War. His wife, Jane Arrington, was the daughter of Thomas Arrington of Westmoreland County. 
EDWARDS Elizabeth " Eliza"
217 Notes from John W. Ellis ( Goodspeed History of Orange Co. ) 1884, page # 634
John W. Ellis is a native of Harrison County, his birth occuring February 23,1839 and he is the
eighth born of a large family of children, the parents being Edward and Martha ( Holtzclaw ) Ellis.

1850 United States Federal Census: District # 45, Harrison County, Indiana, page # 420, Sept 3, 1850
542:542 Ellis, Edward 45 M W Farmer Value: 2000 Born: VA ( ? )
Martha 45 F W KY
James 23 M Laborer GA
Amos 20 M Laborer GA
Henry C 17 M Laborer GA
Francis M 16 M GA
Martha Ann 13 F GA
John W. 10 M GA
William H. 9 M GA
George W. 6 M GA
Twins Zachary T. 3 M GA
Winfield 3 M GA

UNK Gears Rebecca 6 F GA
Gears, Martha 4 F GA

543:543 Ellis, James 22 M Farmer Value: 400 KY
Margaret 21 F GA
Lucy Ann 2 F GA
David E 1 M GA

544:544 Ellis, Jepe? 28 M Farmer Value: 800 KY
Nancy 25 F KY
Harriet E 4 F GA
Sarah C. 3 F GA
Tabitha 4/12 F


Will of Amos Holtzclaw
Recorded in the Clerk's Office of the Harrison County Indiana Probate Court in Will Book B, Pages
#172,173 & 174 on this 23rd day of August 1842.
H.W. Heath, Clerk

I, Amos Holtzclaw of Harrison County and State of Indiana do make and publish this my last will and
testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be conducted in a mannder corresponding with my estate and situation in life and as to such worldly estate as it has pleased
God to intrust me with. I dispose of in the following manner "viz"sic, I direct first that all my just debts
and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first monies that shall
come into the hands of my executors from any portion of my real or personal estate.

I also device that a fair valuation or appraisement be made by three judicious persons of all my said estate including my household furniture and after being signed with their names that a copy of the
same be given to each of my executors. I also direct that all my stock in hand be sold by publick auction on a credit of twelve months and that all the real estate of which I shall die seized or professed shall be sold by my executors and credit of twelve months and the amount thereof secured so as to issure the full and punctual payment thereof and to afficiate this my intention I hereby task my executors with full power and authority as I could do were I living.

I also direct that an equal division of all my personal and real estate be equally divided among my
several children except my daughter Sarah which I direct to have two shares ( or the part of my
heirs) of all my real and personal estate. I also direct that my daughter Sarah shall be entitled to the following articles viz 2 bedsteads and bedding included, 2 coverlets,6 quilts,2 counterpins, 2 blankets
2 linen sheets 1 beaurow 1 stand table 2 little (______) 1 copper tea kettle________________
3 tea waters 1 loom with all slans geers spools etc. belonging to the same 1 side saddle and bridal
1 set china cups and saucers 2 china bowls 2 sets tea plates 1 salt set 1 pepper box 1 cow and calf and heifer 1 small copper bucket and one (_______) also a lot of sheep marked with an uppercut in each ear said cattle above maimed same mark. I also direct that my executors erect around my
enternment a good post and rail fence 3 rods long and 1 rod wide with a good swinging gate also ( ___b)stone erected at the head of my grave.

And I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends Edward Ellis and Benet Holtzclaw executors of this my last will and testament. In all (______) thereof I Amos Holtzclaw the testator have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two.

Amos Holtzclaw
Signed, sealed and delivered by the above named Amos Holtzclaw as his last will and testament in presence of us.

Bennett Holtzclaw
George H. Hon

State of Indiana
Harrison County

Be it remembered that on the 23rd day of August AD 1842 the within and foregoing instrument of
writing proposing to be the last will and testament of Amost Holtzclaw late of the County aforesaid deceased was produced before me Henry W Heth Clerk of the Probate Court in then and for the said County of Harrison by Edward Ellis and Bennet Holtzclaw the Executors therein named and proved by oath of George H. Hon one of the subscribing witnesses thereto be to the last will and testament of the said Amos Holtzclaw dead and the said witness upon his oath say that the said Testator in the presence of the subscribing witnesses ( _______) to said will signed sealed acknowledged published and declared the said will to be his last will and testament fo rthe use and purpose therein expressed and that the said testator was at the time of executing the same of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding.

In testimony thereof I have herewith subscribed my hand and affixed the seal of our said Court at Corydon on the day and year last aforesaid.

H.W. Heth, Clk

Reep Dunkard Cemetery and Will transcriptions sent to Timothy Jordan ( tj0843@msn.com)from
Marsha Belty at (mdbelty@webtv.net ) on 15 June 2004

Note on Will transcripts:

A list of members names composing the Church of Christ at Bethel, Harrison Co., Indiana
February 1,1840. ( Have copy in hand )
Names of Men;
1. Amos Holtzclaw-Elder deceased August 6, 1842
92. 1845 Edward Ellis
97 James Ellis

A list of members names composing the Church
January 1st, 1850

10. Edward Ellis 
ELLIS *Edward
218 Trimble Cemetery by Gary and Robert E. Lane
Location: Northeast Township, Orange County, Indiana. SE 1/4 section 7 T2N R2E, 1-1/2 miles west
of Washington County line.

Goodspeeds History of Orange County, Indiana ( 1884 )
Goodspeed Publishing Company 1886, page # 634
John W. Ellis is a native of Harrison County, Indiana, his birth occuring February 23, 1839, and he is the
eighth born of a large family of children, the parents being Edward and Martha ( Holtzclaw ) Ellis. These
parents were both natives of Kentucky, and their respective briths were May 12, 1805 and 1806, and their deaths were in 1862 and April 7, 1881. John W. came to Orange County in 1861, where he rented and farmed one year, and in 1862 enlisted in Company C, Sixty-sixth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, serving until
the close of the war and participating in all the battles of this regiment, including the memorable march
to the sea and the Grand Review at Washington, D.C. He then returned to Orange County and resumed
agricultural pursuits. He here owns 388 acres of well improved land, which is the fruit of his own industry.
Mr. Ellis is a staunch Republican in politics and from 1878 to 1882 served his township with credit as
Trustee. October 13,1862, he wedded Martha J., daughter of Isacc and Martha ( Doak ) Potter, who was born in Orange County, September 18, 1844. The following children have blessed their union: Minnie E.,
born October 17,1866; Annie B. , May 22, 1868, died December 10,1870; Ida M. , July 21, 1870, died June 6, 1883; Mary A., October 4, 1872; Charles S., February 19,1875; Edward E.; January 16,1877; Estrella, April 29,1879, and Arthur, May 26, 1881.

John W. Ellis, Residence: Orange County Indiana.
Enlistment Date: 31 July 1861
Distinquished Service
State Served: Indiana
Unit #: 574
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 31 July 1861
Enlisted in Company B, 24th Infantry Regiment Indiana. 
ELLIS *John W.
219 Orange County Biographies by Goodspeed, see John W. Ellis

1/9/2004 recieved from Rita at the City of Lake Worth confirmation of Burial Pinecrest Cemetary,
Section " O " , Lot # 30. Lake Worth Funeral Home
State of Florida, Office of Vital Statistics, State File # 18459, Certificate # A-1091105
Confirmed Birthdate, location and Father.
Residence listed as : 7 South H Street, Lake Worth. I remember this home. 
ELLIS *Mary Alice
220 Trimble Cemetery by Gary and Robert E. Lane ELLIS Anna B
221 Arthur Ellis was listed with Lewis B. King in the Lucas County, Ohio Census with (1 ) neice, (1) nephew
and ( 1 ) son. See Lewis B. King file 
ELLIS Arthur
222 Centennial History of Washington County, Indiana by Warden W. Stevens ( 1967 )

Page # 597

In January 1838, Aaron Hardin laid off the town of Hardinsburg. The original plat thirty six lots. John Ellis added twenty two lots in 1851. The first store was opened by Aaron Hardin in 1845. A few years later James King and Wesley Polson were in the mercantile business. Dr. Charles Ellis was a prominent and successful physician in the town and had a fine home. 
ELLIS Charles S.
223 1850 United States Federal Census: District # 45, Harrison County, Indiana, page # 420, Sept 3, 1850
542:542 Ellis, Edward 45 M W Farmer Value: 2000 Born: VA ( ? )
Martha 45 F W KY
James 23 M Laborer GA
Amos 20 M Laborer GA
Henry C 17 M Laborer GA
Francis M 16 M GA
Martha Ann 13 F GA
John W. 10 M GA
William H. 9 M GA
George W. 6 M GA
Twins Zachary T. 3 M GA
Winfield 3 M GA

UNK Gears Rebecca 6 F GA
Gears, Martha 4 F GA

543:543 Ellis, James 22 M Farmer Value: 400 KY
Margaret 21 F GA
Lucy Ann 2 F GA
David E 1 M GA
1850 United States Federal Census: District # 45, Harrison County, Indiana, page # 420, Sept 3, 1850 
Service: Drafted, 9th Regiment, Company I, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, residence Washington Co., IN,
mustered in 13 October 1864, mustered out 10 July 1865 
225 Orange County Indiana, Index to Birth Records 1882-1920 Inclusive, Volume #1. Letters A-Z Inclusive.
Book # H-1, Page # 126 
226 Trimble Cemetery by Gary and Robert Lane ELLIS Ida M.
227 See: Adams-Asby Family History. Entry # 1342 by Bob Adams

SOURCE: His tombstone inscription states that he died at 60 years, 6 months and the 18th day on
1 March 1836

SOURCE: Sappenfield Graveyard, 1/2 mile north of Bradford, Harrison Co., Indiana

OTHER STATED BIRTHDATE IS: 14 August 1775 ( Please verify ) 3/2/04

1/28/06: email from Marsha Belty ( Harrison Co., IN ) 812/364-6777

Hi Catherine,
I live with in a mile or two of where Edward Ellis & Martha (Holtzclaw) Ellis are buried at Snyders
Chapel Cemetery. I have photos of their tombstones also of James Ellis, Edwards father, James Ellis
James Ellis is buried in the Sappenfield Cemetery. I have a will for James Ellis and I will be glad to share
anything I have with you.
The url below for my Reep/Dunkard cemetery site which has photos of Martha's father, mother and some
of her brothers and sisters. There is also a stone for an infant of Edward & Martha's buried with her


1820 Virginia Federal Census Index
James Ellis
County: Greenbriar
Township: Lewisburg
Page #072

1830 Virginia Federal Census Index
James Ellis
County: Greenbriar
Township: No township listed
Page #174 
228 1850 United States Federal Census: District # 45, Harrison County, Indiana, page # 420, Sept 3, 1850
542:542 Ellis, Edward 45 M W Farmer Value: 2000 Born: VA ( ? )
Martha 45 F W KY
James 23 M Laborer GA
Amos 20 M Laborer GA
Henry C 17 M Laborer GA
Francis M 16 M GA
Martha Ann 13 F GA
John W. 10 M GA
William H. 9 M GA
George W. 6 M GA
Twins Zachary T. 3 M GA
Winfield 3 M GA

UNK Gears Rebecca 6 F GA
Gears, Martha 4 F GA

543:543 Ellis, James 22 M Farmer Value: 400 KY
Margaret 21 F GA
Lucy Ann 2 F GA
David E 1 M GA
1850 United States Federal Census: District # 45, Harrison County, Indiana, page # 420, Sept 3, 1850 
ELLIS James, Jr.
Served in the Virginia House of Burgesses from James City County, VA. May have been a Quaker.
Was also known as Captain.

PROPERTY: 1657 ( 2-PLAC) Owned along the narrows of the York River in New Kent County, VA.
2 PLAC 1657 owned 200 acres on the east branch of Burchen Swamp in James City County, VA
Owned Ware Creek.

Title: Genealogies of Virginia Families, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Genealogical
Publishing Co. 1981 Volume IV, page 476, Volume II, page # 699
Title: Tidewater Families, A Social History. by Virginia Lee Hutcheonson Davis.
VLH Davis, P.O. Box # 876, Urbanna, VA 23175. Page # 436-438
Title: Old New Kent County, Some Accounts of the Planters, Plantations, and Places in New Kent County by M.H. Harris, West Point, VA 1977
Title: The Statutes at Large, Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia from the First Session of Legislature, in the Year 1619. Author: William Waller Hening., Vol II, Page 196-197.
At an Assembly, Held at James City by Prorogation from the __of December ( 1662 ) to this 10 day of
September 1663, The Honorable Sir William Berkley, Knt, Govenor and Captain General of Virginia. Captain Robert Wynn, Speaker
Burgesses Present:
Capt. William Ferrar ( Henrico Co )
Capt. Wynne, Speaker ( Charles City )
Mr. Stephen Hamelyn,
Capt. Francis Gray
Capt. Robert Ellyson ( James Co )
Mr. Walter Chiles
Capt Edward Rainsey ( Surry Co. )
Mr. Thomas Warren
Capt. William Cockerain
Major Nicholas Hill ( Isle of Wight )
Capt. Joseph Bridger
Dr. Robert Williamson ( Nansemund )
Mr. George Wallings ( Lower Norfolk )
Maj Lemuel Mason ( Elizabeth City )
Capt. John Powel
Col. Leonard Yeo ( Warwick )
Maj Edward Griffith ( York )
Lt. Collin Barber ( New Kent )
Col. William Clairborn ( Gloster )
Capt. Peter Jennings
Capt. Thomas Walker ( Lancaster )
Mr. Rawleigh Frances ( Rappahanock )
Mr. Thomas Lucas
Capt. John Weye ( Northumberland )
Mr . William Presley ( Westmoreland )
Col. Gerard Fowke ( Northampton )
Lt. Col. Kendall
Major William Andrews ( Accomack )
Mr. Devoreux Browne Mr. Hugh Peo
SOURCE: GEDCOM file: mwballard.ged 
230 From Betty King McCoskey: recieved on the 22 June 2004

The following was wrote by my Grandmother Florence King around 1920. Mrs. William R. King of Georgetown, Indiana.
Early Beginnings on the Farm
How we paid for the Farm

In the fall of 1899 my husband bought on my approval, 65 acres limestone upland. It had been rented for years and was run down in every way. Fences were all gone except for just enough wire to mark the outside lines of the farm. The buildings were all torn down and burned for fuel by the tenants, except for a log hen house that was ready to fall and a two-room dwelling that had never known paint or paper in its three score years. There were three good springs suitably located to furnish water for stock on any part of the farm. A good small cistern near the house. About three acres of fruit of various kinds and an ideal location for new buildings, should we ever be able to place them.

We moved to this farm in November, 1899. Our wordly possessions were one good grade Jersey cow and heifer, one old black cow, two dozen hens, a top buggy and harness, sufficient household and kitchen furniture for two rooms. Meat, lard,
preserves and canned fruit enough to last us till the next season, $ 200.00 in cash and a $ 600.00 mortgage on the farm.

Our encouragement's from friends and curious people were few, most of them were discouragement's, but we were young with hearts filled with hope and we were determined to make good. The first thing my husband did was make a straw shed to shelter our stock. There was a large straw stack on the farm and by using poles and forks cut from the woods nearby he succeeded in making a large room, which sheltered our cows and the two horses we bought before spring.

The next thing he did was dig a cellar under one room of the house. He blasted out and dressed rock to wall up the cellar. As fine ledges of rock were found on the bluff of the creek which formed the boundary on the north side of the farm. During the winter and early spring when he was not working for the neighbors for seventy-five cents a day, he put in every workable day in cleaning up the farm and cutting timber for lumber for a new barn, riving out oak boards to cover the same. A few trees were exchanged for a farm wagon and some farm implements, all second hand. The $200.00 was invested in other used implements, a yearling heifer and the team and harness. We had completed the barn and occupied the same by December 1900, our heard by that time was somewhat increased by young cattle but the old cow had died, and the old plug horse gave out and was sold for $ 2.00 to the fertilizer company. A dear lesson, but one which was worth more to us during the years to follow, then most lessons are. We never again bought old stock of any kind.

About this time we engaged our butter, eggs and produce to private customers in the city twelve miles away. We delivered it every Tuesday rain or shine. A good three year old mare was bought in February 1901 ( and is with us yet, doing good work on the farm )a good Jersey heifer was added to our herd. A brood sow was purchased and some needed fencing was put up. This gives a pen picture of our start and struggles on farming. Needless to say we could not pay the interest the first year after having so much loss and building a 30 x 30 ft. barn with shed stables at either end although my husband did all the carpenter work with the exception of putting up the frame.

The next year we succeeded in paying the interest on the $ 600 mortgage for the 1st and 2nd year, built a kitchen and smokehouse and installed a cream seperator, hand powered ( which is giving satisfactory service yet ). Our live stock increased by the addition of a nice colt, 3 Jersey heifers and 3 pigs. Our private trade in the city increased and satisfied customers clamored for all the butter, eggs, cheese, buttermilk, sweet milk, poultry and farm produce we could take to them, once a week. It began to look like by hard work and close living we would not have to give up the farm as our friends advised us to do. But we were discouraged by having to pay out all the money we had after paying taxes and interest, for feed for our cattle, so when we had a chance in 1903 to buy 80 acres at a moderate price, within distance of half a mile from our home we bought it, although we had to give a mortgage on both farms to do so. This was a big leap, but we had talked it over and decided it was the only way open to us to better our condition.

The new farm had some fencing and could be pastured, as there was running water in the pasture and an old but good bank barn where cattle could find shelter in the time of storms. There was an old house too. There was 8 acres of overflowed creek bottomland for corn and considerable grass. We had enough fee for our stock the following year and sold 20 tons of hay besides. From that time on we could make payments on our land. In 1907 we built an eight room
house on the 65 acre farm. Our progress up till this time had been all that we ever expected it could be. The farm upland was improved by cutting off all brush and brier land and sowing blue grass. At this time we were milking seven good cows and had a nice herd of young cattle, all manure was saved and used as top dressing on the wheat, clover and grass

In 1910 we added 50 acres of upland that was by the 65-acre farm, this increased our pastureland for our dairy herd and gave us 222 good fields for wheat and hay and 3-acres of orchards containing all kinds of fruit. About this time we bought a new surrey and harness and some new farm machinery. In 1912, we bought a 4-horsepower gasoline engine to use to furnish power for a cutoff saw, washing machine, etc. It proved to be the greatest labor and time saver we have. In 1912 we also bought 80 acres of good land that was by the first 80 acres we had bought. A creek was the line between the two 80 acres. This new farm had a new 5-room dwelling, new bard 50 x 40 and all necessary out buildings. There was 30 acres overflowed creek bottom land, 30 acres new blue grass land and the remainder was timber and table land. This proved to be our best investment although we had little cash on hand and again placed a mortgage on all lands possessed.

The former mortgages had proved a friend and not a boogie-boo and we were not afraid to give another one. In three years from the date of purchase of the last farm we were able to wipe out all debts and breathe freely again. Our home was comfortable furnished including a piano for music. We bought an automobile and built a silo. Our farm is well stocked with Jersey cattle, sheep, hogs, horses and poultry of all kinds. We now sell cream instead of market it. We are proud of our 275-acre farm and all of our stock, but the pride and joy that surmounts all is the fine children God gave us. Five boys, the oldest 18 years old and a flower of a baby daughter now 16 months old.

We our beloved US was at war and a call was made for everyone to help, by conserving, and buying bonds and stamps. We all joined hands from dad to the baby and gave our support in all ways to Uncle Sam. We don't mean to build that modern barn that has been our dream for the last 3 years, until the government does not need our help. However , we did hold our footing and progress by living within our means when we took in little money we spent less, nevery buying anything we ded not need because it was a bargain. Never going in debt to live, by looking after our stock carefully and thereby preventing serious losses. By raising a good garden every year and canning surplus vegetables and fruit not marketable. By raising all the poultry each year we could care for thereby having young fryers to sell and eat , also fresh eggs. By buying young stock that was offered for sale reasonable and selling matured horses and fresh cows, by feeding all grains on the farm by Husband and Wife and Children pulling together.

ENGLEMAN Florence May
231 TRANSCRIBED SOURCE NOTES: Linda Ossler Personal GEDCOM; 16 September 2004
Birth: per Paul Davis, LDS; record has her as March 28,1872 
ENZWEILER Mary ( Maria )
232 SOURCE NOTES FOR MATHA ERNEST: The History of Roane County Tennessee 1801-1870 byEmma Middleton Wells: Page # 228 ( Martha Ernest was a descendant of General Joseph E. Warren who was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill). ERNEST Martha, EARNEST
233 Titles: Castellan of Windsor
Title: Lord of Eaton
Occupation: Warden of the Forests 1066 Berkshire
Occupation: Castellan of Windsor 1078
Before 1100 Keeper of the Forest; Castilian of Windsor
Residence: Tenant in Chief at the time of the " Doomsday Book "
Domesday Tenant in Buckingham, Hampshire, Middlesex & Surrey
Date: 1078 

It has not been established whether Florence was the daughter or sister or Reverend
Robert Fordham ( heath-master.R. GED) 
Chief Justice of the King's Bench, who died in 1663 
236 Title: Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families, Volume 1-2
Alice Norris Parran
Printed by J.G. Roebuck & Son, Baltimore, Maryland

FTM: Maryland Genealogies and Marriages, 1634-1820 ( CD # 195)

Susan is the daughter of Sir Thomas Foster, Knight of Hudson, Herts.
Judge of the Common Pleas and Susan his wife. She was the sister of Robert Foster, Chief Justice
of the King's Bench, who died in 1663 
237 SOURCE NOTE FROM 1434471BJL.ged

A Concord Selectman per Walcott in " Concord in the Colonial Period "

Nathaniel Fox
John Fox 
FOX *Eliphalet

(1434471BJL.ged )

Mary Fox
David Fox
Tamer Fox
Josiah Fox
Zillah Fox
Eliphalet Fox
Simon Fox
Jonathan Fox
John Fox 
FOX David

Mary's Grandfather came from England and settled in Philadelphia, PA where her father afterwards
resided. Mary died ca. 1930 at about 70 years of age.

An interesting letter from the neice of Reverend Elisha McCurdy, Mrs. Sarah B. McCurdy Bracken of
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, dated May 21st, 1877, informs us that her grandfather was named John and that he emigrated from the north of Ireland between 1750 and 1755 " with his father's family ", married
about 1757, Mary Fox, in Philadelphia; settled in Chester Co., Pennsylvania and had twelve children.
Of her grandmother, Mrs. Mary ( Fox ) McCurdy, Mrs. Bracken writes: " My grandmother whose name
was Fox was of royal blood ..She was very refined. They were in good circumstances before the
Revolutionary War. Grandfather was a merchant, and during the war he furnished supplies for the soldiers and for their horses, taking pay in continental money, which afterwards was worthless, and he was ruined financially. Grandfather did not live long after his failure. I remember hearing father and his
sister talk of their mother's being so refined and so much of a lady....
" Ref: stated: 1434471BJL.ged ) 
FOX Mary
240 SOURCE NOTES FROM ( 1434471BJL.ged )

Moved from Concord to Dracut, July 31, 1714 per History of Dracut. Kiedin Dracut or Concord. Died in
Dracut or Concord but is buried in Concord per gravestones ( cited in " Historic Homes of Middlesex Co "
by William Cutter, published 1681. ) Nathaniel Fox's house on Cambridge Turnpike is owned ( 1998 )
by Larry & Meredith Delamarter. 978/36-1294

David Fox
Nathaniel Fox
Isaac Fox
Hannah Fox
Jonathan Fox
Daniel Fox 
FOX Nathaniel
241 SOURCE NOTES FROM 1434471BJL.ged

Lived near the " Great Swamp " north of Church on the road to Billerica.

Children with Rebecca:
Mary Fox
Elizabeth Fox
Eliphalet Fox

Children with Hannah BROOKS:
Hannah Fox
Thomas Fox
Samuel Fox
John Fox
David Fox
Isaac Fox 
FOX Thomas

John Freeman ( M ) alternate birth ( 1695 Norfolk County, Virginia )

John came with this parents as a young man to Albermarle County, North Carolina
On August 3, 1733 John purchased 200 acres of land a part of a 300 acre tract of land granted to Michael WARD by Thomas SYTER, King et als. CHIEFMAN OF THE CHOWAN INDIANS. ( Reference: Land Conveyances, Book #C North Carolina.
In 1737, John inherited a plantation from his father, William Freeman, on which John was living at the time. ALSO my negro woman called ROSE, after the Change of my well beloved wife Mary Freeman's condition either by death or marriage, which shall happen first.

On 6 August 1737 John and his wife Tabitha deeded 100 acres of land on the west side of Catherine Creek Swamp to his brother Thomas Freeman.

John Freeman and Humphrey HARDY were Bond sureties for ALEXANDER FOARD when he exhibited his commission from Goven WIlliam TRYON as the Register of BERTIE County and was qualified

John later removed to his property at Poly Bridge Swamp, part of old CHOWAN town and lived the remainder of his life on this plantation.

CHOWAN COUNTY WILLS 1694-1938 CR. 024.801.8, JOHN FREEMAN 1777 
243 WILL:
Probated in Franklin Co., GA lists death at 18 January 1841
Will obtain resource. 2/23/04
2. In the book " Abstracts of Will Book A" for Franklin County, GA ( Jackson County was taken from Franklin in 1796 ) page # 71 of the original will book ) Sidney Minish is listed as an heir to Richard Freeman, Sr. ( Freeman.FTW)

Franklin County, GA Wills 1824-1850. Will signed January 18,1841.
Probated on January 3, 1842 ( Abstract ) " Wife Elizabeth, " all my children"
John, William, James, Francis, and Nathaniel H. and Richard Freeman, Sarah Chandler, Sidney Minnish,
Elizabeth Hardyman. Son John ( Executor )
Witness: G.L. Howell, Jocob Stickland, Dudley Chandler, John Megnis ( 2 )

Richard Freeman of Franklin County-2 draws in the 1805 Land Lottery

Richard Freeman-Franklin County Tax Digest:
1818( State of Georgia, County of Franklin, Page # 066 Census/Enumeration year 1818 Tax List )
1819 ( State of Georgia, County of Franklin, Page # 068, Census/Enumeration year 1819 Tax List )

Richard Freeman head of house in 1820 Franklin County, GA Census
Franklin County 1830 Census:
Richard Freeman
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 male 50-60
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 50-60

Franklin County 1840 Census
Richard Freeman
1 male 15-20
1 male 70-80
1 female 20-30
1 female 60-70
From Ancestral Lines of Carey Seagraves :from " History of Banks County" by Jesse Julia Mize ( send by Sandy Cooper ( 6/30/2000):
Note: this is the sale of Richard, Sr. son of John Freeman's land when he died intestate. This is in addition to the items listed in the 43 page inventory from Banks Co. Deed Book A, page #245; 3 November 1863-- Groves H. Cartledge and David P. Freeman, Administrator of Estate of John Freeman, late of Banks Co. to Sumner J. Smith of Towns Co.; " Notice published in Southern Banner,
Athens, GA " $ 10,400.00; 1,254 and 3/4 acres of land; " land partly in Banks and partly in Madison
Co whereon John Freeman resided at the time of his death."
Witness: S.W. Pruitt, J.P. Washington; J. Burgess J.P. 
FREEMAN *Richard, Sr.
Sarah Freeman was born 1802 in Georgia. She was the fourth child of Elizabeth Haggard and Richard Freeman. She married James Chandler, Jr. about 1822 in Franklin County, Georgia. Sarah and James had 6 children. Two of their sons were Baptist ministers. James died in 1837 at the age of 36 leaving Sarah with 6 minor children. She married again in 1846 when her youngest child was 16 to an Epperson Porter. She died four years later at the age of 48 in Georgia. Sarah was age 44 and " EP" was 73. 

Hebron Presbyterian Church 1796-1996
Page # 323

Gave a tract of land on which was built Mt. Hermon Presbyterian Church in Madison Co., GA. The family came from Harmony Grove, GA which became Commerce, Georgia northwest of present day Athens.

JOHN FREEMAN LIVED IN THE GA COUNTIES OF Olgethorpe, Madison, Franklin and Banks.

House # 870

Elizabeth 52 GA
Melvina 14 GA
Lawrence 13 AL
Frances 11 AL
Prewitt, Paulina 23 GA
Mary 4 AL

+ Listed in Banks County Georgia 1860 Census:

Freeman, John B: 1800
Elizabeth B: 1799
Polly B: 1820
Edna J. B: 1848
John B. B: 1851
Angeline B: 1853
Pruitt, Nancy B: 1854
Margaret B: 1852

( Nancy and Margaret Pruitt are children of Levi ( Eli ) and Pliney Pruitt. ) Source: Sandi Cooper

John died interstate, no will but a 43 page inventory of sale done by his eldest son David P. Freeman
and the Reverend Groves Cartledge. Banks County was made from Franklin County in 1857.
Source: Sandi Cooper 
FREEMAN John " Zack"

1850 Jackson County Georgia Census
Page # 64, 45 District
Dwelling # 994

Freeman, Nathaniel 28 W M Head Married GA
Sarah 28 F Wife Married TN
James L 7 M Son GA
Cynthia A 3 F Dau GA 
FREEMAN Nathaniel

1860 George Census: Madison County, USA
1870 Davids District, Banks County, Georgia
Madison Co., GA 1860 Census, Page # 139

Freeman, Richard 40 M Day Laborer GA
Elizabeth 40 F GA
Sarah E. 10 F GA
Richard B. 5 M GA
Noah T. 1 M GA

Banks County Georgia, 1870 US Federal Census: Davids District, Page # 284
Freeman, Richard 51 M ( b: 1819 ) GA
Elizabeth 52 F ( b: 1819) GA
Sarah 19 F ( b: 1851 ) GA
Dick B. 15 M ( b: 1855 ) GA
Noah T. 11 M ( b: 1859 ) GA

Name, Relation, Marital Status, Gender, Race, Age, Birthplace, Occupation, Fathers Birthplace, Mothers Birthplace

FREEMAN, Richard Self M Male W 61 GA Farmer NC NC
FREEMAN, Elizabeth Wife M Female W 62 GA Keeping House GA GA

Source Information:
Census Place District: 465, Jackson , Georgia
Family History Library Film # 1254153
NA Film # T9_0153
Page # 650A

Returns recorded in Franklin County, GA (Inventories & Appraisements, Annual Returns & Vouchers,
1856-1858 " , page # 315-318

From " History of Banks County by Jessie Julia Mize ( sent by Sandi Cooper on 6/30/200 to William Compton Kerr ( williamkerr@bellsouth.net ) ).
Note: This is the sale of Richard, Sr. son John Freeman's land when he died interstate. This in addition
to the items listed in the 43 page inventory from Banks Co. Deed Book A, page # 245 on the 3 November
1863--Groves H. Cartledge and David P. Freeman, Administrator of Estate of John Freeman, late of
Banks County to Sumner J. Smith of Towns County; " notice published in Southern Banner, Athens, GA", $ 10,400.00; 1,254 and 3/4 of land; " land partly in Banks and partly in Madison County whereon John Freeman resided at the time of his death.
Wit: S. W. Pruitt, J.P. Washington, J. Burgess J.P 
248 Who Thomas married is unknown but he had one child, Sarah. Land deeds of Bertie County shows he purchased land there in 1733 and 1748. Also, his brother John sold him 100 acres on the west side of Catherine Creek Swamp on August 6,1737. Thomas also inherited land from his father, William Freeman, Sr. as his will states as follows: " To my son Thomas, the plantation whereon he now lives in the Indian Neck. Also my negro boy call Emporor to be delivered to him at the death of my wife, Mary." Thomas is believed to have removed to Rowan County or possibly Tyrrell County and died prior to 1790. FREEMAN Thomas

North Carolina Historical Register, lists on Page # 211:
Freeman, William Feby ( sic ) 7, 1736, August 13,1737 sons John, William, Thomas and Richard, wife Mary, sons Aaron, Samuel; wife and son John Exrs. Tet, Walter Draughan, John Freeman, Jr. and Thomas Roundtree, Sr.

N.C. Abstract of Wills 1690-1760

Page # 128
William Freeman Chowan County

February 7,1736. August 13, 1737 Sons: John ( plantation wheeon he now lives)
William, Thomas, Richard, Aron (sic ), Samuel ( Plantations to each" ) Wife and Executrix. Mary
Witnesses: Walter Droughan, John Freeman, Juner ( sic ) Thomas Roundtree. Will Proven beofre W. Smith, CJ

Will of William Freeman
1737 ( Chowan County ) NC
Original in the Secretary of State Wills 1663-1789, North Carolina Archives, S.S. 845, Raleigh, NC

In the name of God Amen, this seventh day of February in the year of our Lord God Seventeen hundred and thirty five, I William Freeman of the County of Abermarle and precenct of Chowan in North Carolina being very sick and week of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God for I do make and declare this my Last Will and Testament in manor and for me following that this is...first and chiefly, I give my soule into the hands of the Almighty God that gave it and my body Commend to the early to be deasently buried in Christian like burriell at the Descretion of my...to appoint nothing...but at the geniall resurriction I shall recerion the same. Again by the desarts to bestow upon me I give and dispose of the same immornor and for me following and I do have by word made void and disanmilo all former will or wills by and or testaments by me do dared wither by word or wrighting and this to be taken for my Last will and testament and no other.

I give devise and bequeth unto my beloved son John Freeman the plantation where on he now Lives and also my neagro named Called...after the change of my Well beloved wife Mary Freeman condition either by death or marriage which shall first happen and then I say to him and his heirs forever.

I give devise and bequeath unto my well beloved son Thomas Freeman the plantation and Land where on he now Lives in the Indian neck and also my neagro boy called Emprorour to be delivered to him at the change of my well beloved wife Mary Freemans condition either by death or marriage which shall first happen and then I say to him and his heirs for ever.

I give devise and bequieth unto my well beloved son Richard Freeman the plantation and land on which I now Live and also my neagro girle Callie Rachell to of my well belove wife Mary Freemans condition either by death or maridge which shall first hapen but my will and pleasure is that my son Richard Freeman shall not seek to debar my well beloved wife Mary Freeman of her right of Dowrey on the plantation now and not during the time of her widowhood and the change of her condition than the plantation and Land and neagro to go to him and his heirs forever.

I give devise and bequith unto my two well beloved sons Aron Freeman and Samuel Freeman my plantation and Land containing five hundred and forty acres is to be eaqually divided to both them and the Land now lieng in Aerle presenct also I give to my son Aron Freeman my neagro girle called Jude and my will and pleasure is that my son Samuel Freeman shall have the first neagro child that shall be borne of any of the neagro women or girls before mentioned that neagros to be delivered is my tow sons before mentioned at the change of my well beloved wife Mary Freemans conditon either by death or mariage which shall first happen and then I say to them and their heirs for ever.

I leave my well beloved wife Mary Freeman the use of all my pesonall estate with the neagros before mentioned and what the profis of the plantation whe on I now Live during the time of her widdowhood and at the change of her condition either by death or mariage which shall first happen to be orgreally decided the Leagusies above.. or having first paid out between my well beloved wife Mary Freeman and my fives sons John William Thomas Richard Aron and Samuel Freemans only my will and pleasure is that my three youngest sons Richard Aron and Samuel Freeman shall have each of them a feather bed and the furniture belonging to it in their...before the devison is made and then to be oagrially...between my well beloved wife and my five sons before mentioned and if the condition shall happen by the mariage of my wife to have a childs portion so I say to them and their heirs for ever Lastly I nominate appoint and ordaine my well beloved wife Mary Freeman and my well beloved son John Freeman to by my..and soule executors together my Last will and testament done by me and performed according...with not whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seal today and year first...

Signed sealed declared and pronounced
in the presents of us his
Walter Drouglas William X Freeman
John Freeman marke

The Last Will and testament of WM Freeman
August sy 15th 1737

Personally appeared before me Walter Doughan John Freeman Thomas Roundtree Senior who made oath that they saw..Freeman publish the within as his last will y testament and he was of sould mind y in ...at that time W.Smith At 7....time Mary Freeman John Freeman took oath appointed by law to be taken by executors

W. Smith

Contributed by Margaret Driskill, 1998

" Was in Lower Norfolk, VA as a young man along with his brother John Freeman and a relative, Elizabeth Freeman HARMON. It was in VA that William met and married Mary, about 1705. In July 1711 he became the administrator of his father's estate. In October 1711 he transfers portions of his father's land to his brothers John, Jr. and Thomas. We do not know when William purchased his land in Norfolk County, VA but a record shows where he sold a parcel of land there to William PERKINS prior to 1721. William PERKINS gives reference to this property in his will, where he bequeaths it to his daughter.

William and his family moved to North Carolina about 1716. They moved to Chowan Precinct of Albermarle Co., NC where he purchases 250 acres of land on the south side of Katherine Creek Swamp on 1 July 1716 from Thomas Garrett, Sr. and his wife Bethiah. William and his wife Mary also sold 100 acres of land on the south side of Katherine Creek on 11 July 1718 to Michael Ward. William became a wealthy and prominent planter of the Albermarle and Chowan county areas. He owned large amounts of land and several slaves. At the time of his death he owned five plantations. In 1741 there is a total transference from Mary Freeman to her sons. It is unclear if she re-married or passed away at that time. "

The family was active in the affairs of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Co., NC

( Information from a book entitled: John Freeman of Norfolk County, VA by Merrill Hill Moser, Heritage Books, Inc. )

Children listed in Will NC State Original Wills, copy in possession of Sherry S. Finchum

His will was made 7 February 1736 and proved 13 August 1737. Recorded in Chowan Co., NC in 1739
Reference: Chowan Co. Wills, Vol I, page # 211. Testators: Walter Droughton, John Freeman, Jr. Thomas Roundtree, Sr.

Information from : Margaret Driskell 

Notes for Burial: Black's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Madison Co., GA, page # 131

William S. Freeman was born 1805 in Georgia and died 1 January 1879. He married Mangma PERRY
September 5,1827 in Jackson County, GA , daughter of Thomas PERRY. She was born 1805 in Jackson
County, GA and died May 28,1879.


1850 Jackson County Georgia Census
William S. Freeman, 42 years of age, farmer, born in Georgia, personal worth $ 800.00
( he served in the Jackson Co. Militia of District # 255, age 55 years, a farmer, born in Georgia. )

Benigma, 43 years, born GA
Mary A, 17 years
George W. 16 years
Josephine 8 years
Cynthia A.J. 8 years
Gideon H., 9 years ( one in Co. D, 16th GA Regiment Infantry ). This is out of Madison Co., and he
is listed in Broadfoot's Index ( Federal Achive Records ) and not in Henderson's Roster of GA. No pension for him.
Granby H., 6 years ( male ). No confederate records found on him.

1860 Jackson County Georgia Census:

FREEMAN William S. 55 M Farmer GA
Benigby 57 F GA
Sydney 22 F GA
Gideon H 18 M GA
Granby H. 16 M GA
John W 5 M GA
George W. 4 M GA
Sarah J. 1 F GA

1870 Jackson County Georgia Census:
Harmony Post Office District

Demama 64 F GA
George 12 M GA
Sarah 10 F GA
FREEMAN William S.

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