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101 Child #7;
Data source, The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Brown, the Wagonmaker, by
Margaret Brown Anderson. 
BROWN David, Jr.
102 Child #5:
See RIN # 1574 and #1579 Brown Family Pedigree 
BROWN Drucilla
103 Child #7:
Cocke County Census Record # 1870, Wamsbury District Family # 214-214

Elbert Swin Brown " moved to Arkansas" from Robert Brown notes 
BROWN Elbert "Swin"
104 Child#4;
Data source; The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Brown, The Wagonmaker by
Margaret Brown Anderson.

1/27/05 From Scott Brown ( Booklet )

Elijah Brown, son of David and Roark Brown, born 9 September 1792-94 at Telford, Washington Co, TN. He is probably the Elijah Brown who was mentioned in the Cherokee Baptist Church Records in 1824:
"a motion is made for licensing brother Elijah Brown to preach " and " agree that Elijah Brown have the liberty to exercise his gift in the way his mind may be impressed." He was a Baptist Minister. He married
20 August 1814 Polly Glass, who probably died young since Elijah married her sister, Mary Elizabeth
" Betsy " Glass on 23 December 1815, both marriages in Washington County, TN. Betsy Glass born 21 April 1796, died 20 March 1867. The Reverend Elijah died 21 August 1838 in Sidney, Vermillion County, IL. Both are buried in Weaver Cemetery, Indianola, Illinois. In 1830, Elijah Brown was living in Washington County, Tennessee beside his cousin, Jeremiah Million.

A granddaughter, Alice ( Brown ) Allen, writes of the Rev. Elijah's " Elijah Brown, his wife, Mary Elizabeth, and five children were moving in a covered wagon to this country and when the vicinity of Sidney was reached, Elijah became ill. He was taken to the Knox Hotel ( which stood where the Ed Frances residence now stands ) where he died. Kind friends cut down walnut trees and made a coffin in the blacksmith shop and his body was buried east of Sidney in a wooded pasture.

The family went on to Browntown, Indiana. ( This town was name after Isaac Brown, the eldest son). Here the mother had a hard struggle to provide for her family. My father was only 9 years old and he was his mother's main support.....My grandfather worked and saved enough to buy a stone to mark my grandfather's grave". She died and is buried in Weaver Cemetery., northeast of Indianola. A search was made 78 years later for the grave of the Reverend Elijah by relatives..." The bones were well preserved and were reburied in a pine box that Ralph had made, then reburied in Weaver Cemetery."

" It is reported that Mary Elizabeth Glass's father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and that her mother rode on horseback and delivered a very important message to the Officers. I have no proof of this , it was handed down by relatives. It was also reported that one of the great great great-grandparents was an Irish Bishop."

The Sidney, Illinois Times reported finding the grave of the Reverend Elijah Brown in the presence of the only remaining child, Mrs. Sarah Day, Dr. and Mrs. T.A. Dicks, several of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.


HIRAM G. BROWN, b 1818
MIRANDA BROWN, b. after 1820
BROWN Elijah
105 Alexander Campbell and Eleanor, his wife, of Washington Co., TN conveyed to David Brown, Jr. of Greene County, their undivided interest in a tract of land on Little Chuckey Creek, the same which David Brown, SR. deceased possessed of and which " we as lawful heirs of the said David Brown, Sr. are entitled to." ( 1 ) Ancestors and Descendants of Jocob Brown ( Wagonmaker ) Washington Co., Probates. BROWN Ellender II
106 Child#6;
Data source, The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob brown, The Wagonmaker, by
Margaret Brown Anderson. 
BROWN Ellender II
107 Child #1:
Cocke County Census Record 1870; Wamsbury District Family # 146-146 
BROWN Ellender" Elleanor"
108 Notes for George Brown:
George Brown enlisted as a private in Rowan County, NC in the fall of 1776, serving 2 months under
Captain James Montgomery & Colonel Francis Locke. He again enlisted in the summer 1779 serving
5 1/2 months under the Quartermaster Yarberry. Following the war he moved to TN, then to Union County, Illinois
Washington County, TN Military- George Brown ( Revolutionary War Pension Application )

State of Tennessee, Washington County
September Term, 1832

On this 12th day of September,1832, personally appeared in open court before the Honorable Samuel Powel, Judge of the Circuit Court of Law and Equity for Washington County, now sitting, GEORGE BROWN, citizen of the county and state aforesaid, aged seventy-seven years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832:
That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein

That in the fall of the year 1776, as well as now recollected, he was a citizen of Rowan County, State of North Carolina, was drafted in said county to serve as a three-months tour with mounted infantry, was enrolled in said county under Captain Montgomery, Lieutenant James Craig, was march to Cross Creek, North Carolina, against the Tories who had embodied at that place, though previous to the arrival of Captain Montgomery's men the Tories had dispersed;

That he remained at that place, scouting through the neighborhood after the Tories for some length of time, when he was marched back to Salisbury and verbally discharged after having served two months as before stated.

He states that sometime in the summer of 1779, as well as now recollected, he was drafted in Rowan County, State of North Carolina, the term not recollected, and entered the service of the United States as a mechanic; was placed under the comman of General Green, though immediatly under that of Quartermaster Yarberry, and was stationed in Salisbury, North Carolina, and put to making cartridge boxes, which employment he followed for some months, when he was taken with smallpox and was confined until after the British Army marched through that place and the American army retreated towards Camden, where he was discharged either written or verbally ( not now recollected ) by the said Yarberry.

He does further state that between the time he performed his said first tour of duty and the last, as above stated, he hired substitutes to perform two tours of duty for him. He states that the last term of service under the said Yarberry at Salisbury was five months and half month: that in all in the War of the Revolution he served seven months and half, as above stated.

He states that there is no minister of the Gospel in his neighborhood who can testify as to the fact required by the directions of the War Department. He states that he has no documentary testimony of his service, neither does he know of any person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service.

He hereby relinquishes any claim whatever to a pension and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open court.
Test: Jas V. Anderson, Clk.

We, Henry SOLTS and Nicholas TUCKER, residents of Washington County, State of Tennessee, hereby certify that we are well aquainted with George Brown, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be seventy-seven years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn to and subscribed this 12 day of September 1832, in open court.
Test: Jas V. Anderson, Clk

" In a letter dated 15 December 1936 to Mrs. William A. Meyer, 2618 L Street, Sacramento, California, the Pension Bureau gave the following information from George Brown's pension file:
" In 1838 ( George Brown ) moved from Tennessee to Union County, Illinois. In 1845 he resided in Alexander County, Illinois, with his son, David. The solider then stated that all his children were grown and married, as well as many of his grandchildren, and that the greater number of them resided in the State of Illinois, some in Union County. The only name given was that of his son, David, as above stated. George Brown died December 10, 1846, in or near Thebes, Alexander County, Illinois.

The name of the solider's first wife and the date of their marriage are not shown. He married May 4,1843, in Union County, Illinois, Mrs. Margaret Sowers. ( widow Sowers ). Soldier's widow, Margaret Brown, was allowed pension on he application executed December 3,1855, at which time she was aged 54 years and a resident of Pulaski County, Illinois."

BROWN George
109 Data provided by Flora E. Brown BROWN George R
110 From: History of Washington County, Tennessee"

My grandfather, Jesse Brown, was an early pioneer in the Black Hills, South Dakota. He made a name
for himself as treasure coach guard and sheriff of Meade County. His picture hangs in the Pioneer Room
of the historic Museum in Deadwood, SD. He was co-author of BLACK HILLS TRAILS, published in 1924.
In this volume, he penned these words, " I was born August 24, 1844, in Washington County, Tennessee."

Jesse's roots were deep in the hills of east Tennessee. He was the son of Henderson Brown, born about
1810. In 1840, Henderson was living in the 16th District, Washington Co., adjoining Lewis Martin and Carter Tadlock. Henderson was the son of Solomon Brown, born 1779 in North Carolina. Solomon was the father of at least 15 children, and was a member of the Cherokee Babtist Church. He died, 1860 in
Greene County. The father of Solomon Brown was Jacob Brown, called the Wagonmaker, born in 1731 in
Germany. as an elderly man, Jacob moved from Rowan County, North Carolina to Washington Co., where he died in the fall of 1807. Jesse's mother was Rebecca Mullins. Her marriage, 25 January 1834 to Henderson Brown is recorded in Washington County. Rebecca was a daughter of Jesse Mullins, whose
name appears in the early tax lists and census records. He owned 160 acres of land located close to the Greene County line. Jesse Mullins was married in 1806 to Betsy Tadlock, oldest daughter of Lewis Tadlock and Charlotte Padfield. Lewis Tadlock's name first appears in the Washington County records about 1788. He owned over 500 acres of land on Lick Creek and several slaves. Lewis died in 1815, naming his wife Jane ( Blair ) in his will. Many of Lewis's descendants remained in Washington and Greene counties. One son, James Tadlock, moved to Scotland County, Missouri, in 1848. That year,
Henderson and Rebecca Mullins Brown made the same move.

Mary Bayless, born 1778 in Virginia, was the grandmother of Jesse Brown. She was married to Solomon Brown in 1797. Mary's father was Samuel Bayless, born 1751 in New Jersey. Samuel's father was Daniel Bayless, born 1716. Both Samuel and Daniel recieved land grants in Washington
County in the early 1780's. The Bayless were members of the Cherokee Babtist Church and many members of the family are buried in the church cemetery. Mary Bayless mother was Mary Nodding, daughter of William Nodding. William also recieved several land grants in the 1780's. The will of William Nodding, dated 1804, begins with a declaration of faith in the Almightly God, and expresses his belief in the resurrection of the mortal body. He also named his eight negro slaves and gave
specific directions to the exact date that each one was to be freed.

My grandfather, Jesse Brown died in South Dakota in 1932. He never had the opportunity to return to the place of his birth, but he spoke of it with affection. He was proud of his ancestors, and of his heritage in Washington County, Tennessee."

Submitted by Margaret Brown Anderson, P.O. Box # 175, Gainsboro, TN 38562 
BROWN Henderson
Was babtized at Organ Lutheran Church on 3/18/1817 
BROWN Henry Lewis

J.J. Brown, farmer and merchant was born in Washington Co., February 23, 1840, the son of Bird and
Louisa R. ( Sevier ) BROWN. The father, a successful farmer, was born in this county, October 20, 1801, the son of Jacob Brown, a native of Tennessee, and born in December 1736, and who was a son of Jacob, Sr. a native of North Carolina, and and early settler and merchant of East Tennessee, whose biography you will find in Ramsey's History of Tennessee. He was of English stock, and died March 24, 1886. The mother, a daughter of John Sevier, a son of Govenor Sevier, was born in Greene County,
November 21,1816, and died May 20, 1842. Our subject J.J. and Sophia L. are their only children.
J.J. was educated at Fall Branch Seminary, and has devoted himself to farming and milling. January 1, 1866, he married Ester E., a daughter of Thomas J. Wilson. They have had six sons and two daughters.
He and his wife are Methodists of the Southern Branch. He is a Master Mason and a Democrat. 
113 Child #2:
Data source; The Ancestors and Descendents of Jacob Brown; The Wagonmaker by
Margaret Brown Anderson. 
114 From History of Washington County, Tennessee:

His third son, Jacob Brown came to Vermillion County, Illinois about 1830 and farmed in Eastern
Illinois. Jacob Brown spent his life in Vermillion County and died 9th December 1863. Jacob was
buried in McKendrie Methodist Cemetery beside his wife, Nancy Ann Thompson, in a rural setting
east Georgetown, Illinois. 

When fifteen years of age he went to Bloomington, Ind. to learn the printer's trade. In 1840, with Ephraim
Abbott, he purchased the ILLINOIS STATEMAN newspaper in Paris, IL. He later moved to Charleston. Besides being a newspaper man, he was active in politics, being elected to several city offices as a Democrat. NO CHILDREN 
116 Child #1;
Data source; The History of Washington County, Tennessee. Jacob was buried on his farm in
Washington County, Tennessee.

Washington County Tennessee Wills ( 1777-1872 )
by Goldene Fillers Burgner
Page # 34

Jacob Brown, May 13,1831
Wife Elizabeth, Daughter Ruth. Son, William, Polly Hunter, Rebecca Templin, Jacob Davis and Jacob
K. Brown, to be charge with his extra schooling and board. Other name: Malinda, Harriet, Patrick-
children or slaves. Executor: Son, Bird Brown
See George Brown ( brother ) REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION FILE transcript

Jacob Brown file a Revolutionary War pension application in Washington Co., TN on the same date as
George Brown ( 12 September 1932 )
Jacob was then aged 80 years. Like George, Jacob was also a resident of Rowan Co., NC when he enlisted, and also served under Quartermaster Yarberry. George Brown and Henry SOLTS signed an
affidavit in support of Jacob's claim.

Jacob married Mary " Polly" SOLTS on 23 January 1816 in Washington County, TN. He died there on 10 May 1841. She was aged 58 when she filed a widow's pension application there on 29 March 1853.

Additional Information: Relatives of Margaret Robe Summitt #I445. Now explains the
relationship of " BIRD Brown".

Birth: from Fisher-Koller-Anderson ( Part #2, p.1 ) Jacob Brown, the oldest child of Jacob, the wagon
maker and his wife, Elizabeth, was b. 1752 in the area of Rowan Co., NC. According to D.A.R. records he died 10 May 1841 in Washington Co., TN. He married first Elizabeth Artmire, 29 Aug, 1774 in Rowan County, NC. Elizabeth died before 1816 and Jacob m. second Mary ( Polly ) Saltz, 23 January 1816 in Washington Co., TN. Some records state that Mary was the widow. Jacob Brown served in
the Revolutionary War. He enlised in 1777 and served three months in Capt. Frederick Fisher's company, Col. Locke's regiment. He marched against the Cherokee Indians and was in several skirmishes. He served under commissary Yarberry, in Salisbury, and was employed in making and repairing wagons, according to the Pension Record. It is very probable that he used the tools or workshop of his father, Jacob, the wagonmaster. He was in the Second Battle of Camden under Col. Reece. Jacob moved from Rowan Co., NC to Washington Cty, now TN about 1789-90 with at least
two of his brothers, George and Abraham. On the 11 day of Aug. 1791, George Brown sold 100 acres
of land on the Little Limestone to Jacob Brown. In the year 1796, the 24th of Dec., Jacob Brown, Sr.
sold to Jacob Brown, Jr. 24 1/2 acres on the Little Limestone. About 1830, a school house was built on land that was deeded to Jacob Brown, Jr.; trustees' were John Murr, Alexander Campbell and Robert
Million. Mr. Paul M Fink's " Jonesborough, the First Century of Tennessee's first Town", states that in
1863, " In the morning of September 8th, the troops met close to the Embree stone house just west of
Telford. After a brisk skirmish, the Southern forces returned to their camp at Brown's School House about two miles east." A few months before his death, an old man of almost 90 years, Jacob Brown
made his will, dated 19 February 1841. He names his children, although some of them had already
died, and he mentions grandchildren without naming them. He left to his wife Mary, his " still and tubs" along with household furniture, geese, sow and pigs. Jacob and several of his children were members of the Cherokee Baptist Church. 
Jacob Brown, Sr. operated a grist mill he inherited from his father Abraham, Sr. Jacob is buried at Union Lutheran
Church, rowan Co., 
BROWN Jacob, Sr.
The 4th Son of Michael Brown. Settled and spent his days near Granite Quarry, descendents are close by. 
Was a colonel ( further research )**
His widow and children made their home in Salisbury 
BROWN Jeremiah Michael
120 Child#2;
Came to America with this parents on the 9 September 1738 on the ship Glasgow. Babtised
February 1731. Five brothers and sisters born in PA region. Religion-Lutheran. Moved to Rowan
County ( at least 1759 ) and then to Washington County, Tennessee. where he died the 29
July 1760. Got a land grant from Lord Granville's Agents.
Naturalized- 24 March 1763, Rowan County, NC

Note: Washington County , Tennessee was a part of Rowan Co., NC: boundary changes were.

Notes for Johann Michael Braun:
Build the Old Stone House in Granite Quarry, NC. House was built in 1766, now owned by the Rowan
Museum, Inc.. The house is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. A picture and history
of the Old Stone House can be found on the internet at www.GoRowan.com/BFA as well as the Lower Stone Church.

In addition a book was written by the Reverend Roscoe Brown Fisher titled " Michael Braun ( Brown ) of
the Old Stone House " in 1975 according to the Michael Brown Family Historical Committee...copies are
available in North Carolina.

There is a Michael Braun family cemetery at the " Old Stone House "....the cemetery has records on microfiche at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City # to order is 1760536

Family might be from Hesse Darmstadt of the " Palantinate " of Germany.

Name appears first in Rowan County in 1758 as a jury member. On July 18, 1760 he purchased 274 acres and ended up owning over 3000 acres, owned all land consdered the Granite Quarry. His land
reached from Salisbury City Limits to Rockwell. Michael was appointed Constable in 1761 and was
re-appointed on 1/12/1764,

Michael owned 15 slaves according to the 1790 Census.

Was married to three women, 2 of whom died while married to him. Married his third wife when he
was 83 and she was 30. Was married to Eleanor by the Reverend Carl Augustus Storch, a Lutheran
BROWN Johan Michael
Johan Stephen Christian BRAUN arrived on 9 September 1738 in Philadelphia, PA on the ship
GLASGOW. The family settled in Lancaster County, PA and remained there until the 1750's when
they moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. After arriving in Rowan County, North Carolina they
began spelling their surname as BROWN.
September 9, 1738: William Steriling, Commander, From Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, England
120 passengers.

1. Robert Henry Brown, Sr. 111 Jenni Leigh Drive, Huntsville, AL 35806. Email-
2. John Burgess Fisher, Dorothy Brown Keller, Margaret Brown Anderson. The Ancestors of
Abraham (Braun) Brown, the Miller and Jacob (Braun) Brown the Wagonmaker, Charlotte, NC
Delmar Publishers & Printers ( 1983 ) Scott Russell Brown, 324 Holiday Drive, Attica, IL 47918
Email- brownie@ns1.k-inc.com. Submitted by James Dykes.
3. Kay ( Holly ) Bolls, 180 S. Cochran Rd., Geneva, FL 32732. Email: Kbolls@magicnet.net
4. Broderbund World Family tree CD Volume #1, Ed #1 Tree # 61 . Diane ( Black ) Wilson
4837 Middaugh Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515. Email: DWilson50@aol.com
5. Robert Henry Brown, Sr.
6. Broderbund World Family tree CD Volume #1, Ed. #1, Tree #61

NOTES FROM ROWAN COUNTY : BRAUN/BROWN ( www.dantana.com/braun/html)

On September 9,1783, Stephen Braun, age 37, from Ruschberg, Germany, arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on the ship " Glasglow" accompanied by his wife and their first four children. Number of
passengers: men-120; women and children-221; crew of 8; total 349. Stephen Braun & family after
several years went to the Carolinas ( 1742 ). They most likely traveled from Philadelphia down the Old Philadelphia Road, down the Shenandoah Valley to Roanoke. They then traveled " The Carolina Road", which is through Maggoty Gap to the Carolinas. Originating as the Great Warrior Path of the
Iroquois centuries before, the path was frequently used by the Iroquois before being ceded to the whites in 1744 to become one of the most heavily traveled roads in all Colonial America. This old road
was located about where Highway #220 North out of Greensboro towards Roanoke.

Searching for Abraham Brown's Roots
by John Burgess Fisher
Recived from Scott Brown ( 10/15/2005 ) emailed
Sent response on where did he recieve


Several years ago I happened to read a letter in which Mr. James Luther Fisher, my uncle, stated that,
if he had time before he died, he would like to search out his mother's family which traced back to
Abraham Brown. I knew that he died within a few years and didn't get to fulfill his desires. One day I
stopped by the History Room, Rowan Public Library, just to see if I could find anything on this Abraham
Brown. I first examined the " Brown Folders" in the McCubbins Files. To my delight the visit was very
rewarding. For a start I found a pamphlet entitiled, " Dr. James Seven Brown, M.D., The Country
Doctor" by Robert Bruce Camerson of High Point, NC written in 1958. This pamplet told of Abraham
Brown coming from Pennsylvania to Rowan County in the 1700's, and that he was an ancestor of Dr.
Brown. It gave the names of his children and the line of descent to Dr. Brown, as well as his children, etc. I found it to be a most helpful beginning for a research project. Shortly thereafter I read the book,
" Michael Braun of the Old Stone House " concerning some writings by the Reverend Bachman Samuel Brown concerning Abraham Brown, his ancestor. Mr. Bachman S. Brown of Kannapolis, N.C. grandson of this Reverend Brown, later told me that he would send me a copy of these writings. In about a week I recieved a visit from Bachman S. Brown. He brought me a copy of the paper entitled, " Memorabilia and Musings", by Reverend Bachman Samuel Brown, written in 1917. This paper gave the complete line of Reverend Brown back to his ancestor, Abraham Brown. In the paper Reverend
Brown stated that tradition had revealed to him over the years that Abraham Brown was brother to Michael Brown of the Old Stone House. However, he did state that he had no proof. Dr. Richard Brown in the early book of Michael Braun also had stated that it was his opinion that Abraham and Michael were brothers. These two sources gave me enough material that I could not just stop at this point. Rather I knew that I had to dig into this further and see if I could trace this family back to the place that I could prove a connection between these two early Rowan County Pioneers.

I then started a research of the counties of Pennsylvania in hopes of finding a deed, record of a passenger list, a birth record or baptism record, a tax listing, a marriage bond, or some other record of
Abraham Brown (Braun ). This was all to no avail. There appeared to be no record of Abraham Brown
( Braun) to fit my Abraham. This finally convinced me that Abraham must have either been born in
Pennsylvania or to have arrived from Germany as a small boy. I checked every book that pertained to Germans in Pennsylvania in the Rowan Public Library History Room, Davidson College Library, The University of North Carolina Library, and other sources that I could find without a trace of Abraham.
I knew without finding his roots in Germany and tracing them into this country a book would not be complete. I did find a number of books and papers that indicated the possibility that Abraham, Jacob and Michael Brown were either brothers or close kin. I constantly spent most of my lunch hours in the
History Room, Rowan Public Library, check all new books and articles that might give some clue.
Nothing appeared of any help until August,1981. My day finally arrived. The Librarian, Shirley Hoffman, told me that she had just recieved a new book concerning Pastoral Records in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that covered the early 1700's. I couldn't wait to take a quick look at the index. There it appeared, " Abraham Braun, page 48". My hands were shaking when I turned to page 48.
There it stared at me, " Abraham Braun, a son born to Stephen Braun, March 8, 1743, baptised
April 10,1743". The name of the book was " Records of Pastoral Acts at the Lutheran and Reformed
Congregations of the Muddy Creek Church, East Cacalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,
translated by William J. Hinke, and Frederick S. Weiser of the Pennsylvania German Society, Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, 1981". Dr. Weiser is the Editor of the Pennsylvania German Society paper.
I wrote to him in hopes that he had further information. I had a nice letter from him, but he didn't have any further information. I could hardly wait to consult the passenger lists. My lunch hour being up, I had to wait until the next day.

I first looked over Strassburger's Passenger Lists. There I discovered a Stephen Braun, age 37, arrived on the ship " Glasglow", September 9,1738, Walter Sterling, Commander, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, England, 120 passengers. There was also a Stephen Brun, age 21, that arrived on the Ship Patience, September 15, 1753. How fortunate that the ages were given. This is very unusual-
most ages are not listed. Here we have the only Stephen Braun that would fit-Stephen Braun, age 37. 
BROWN Johan Stephan Christian, BRAUN

From the " Relatives of Margaret Robe Summitt" verirood@verizon.net # 15618
ID#: I9481

Birth: From the Fisher-Koller-Anderson ( Part #2 ) Page #1. John brown, b. about 1775-76
in Rowan County, NC; d. 1834 in Wayne Co., IN m. about 1805 ( no record of m yet found ) to Rachel
Starnes, probably in Washington Co., TN. Rachel was the dau of Margaret Brown and Conrad Starnes.
The records of the Cherokee Baptist Church, Washington Co., TN mention a John Brown was recieved
by experience, 29 August 1800. This same year and several years following, other children of Jacob
Brown and Elizabeth Artmire were recieved into the Church. In 1802, Rachel Starnes was received into the church, and a later record states that she is " now Brown". These church records show that John
Brown and Rachel his wife have letters of dismission, 2 October 1819 ( this would indicate that they were
perhaps moving to another church). John Brown was the Bondsman for his sister, Mary Brown, when she
m. John Murr, 22 December 1798 in Washington Co., TN. A John Brown appeared on the Tax Lists
of Washington Co., in 1819, living in the area of the other children of Jacob Brown, and in 1821 this John
Brown is not listed. The birthdates of two known sons of John and Rachel indicate that they moved from
Washington Co., TN to Wayne Co., IN in 1820. John engaged in farming until his death. The widow,
Rachel Brown, was living in Monroe Co., IN in 1830. Census records show 1 male 5-10; 1 male 10-15,
1 female 5-10 and 1 female 40-50. 
123 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROWN J.D.
124 Child#7;
Data Source the " Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Brown, The Wagonmaker" by
Margaret Brown Anderson. 
125 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROWN J.K.
126 Child#4;
Data source; Mr. Wendell W. Stream and the Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham Braun/Brown,
by John Fischer, Dorothy Brown Koller and Margaret Brown Anderson. Washington County Records
Tennessee records, Rowan County, North Carolina Records and Family Records. 
BROWN Margaret
127 Child #4:
1860: Cocke County Census, Tennessee
See RIN# 1574 Brown Family Pedigree 
BROWN Martha
128 Child#l:
Data Source; The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Brown, The Wagonmaker by
Margaret Brown Anderson 
129 Fisher-Koller-Anderson, Part #2, page #1 John Brown:

" Cherokee Baptist Church, Washington Co., TN: John Brown was the bondsman for his sister,
Mary Brown, when she m. John Murr, 22 December 1798 in Washington Co., TN" 
130 Parents of Matilda J. BROWN:
Father:Alexander BROWN
Mother: Louise ( BULLARD ) LUNSFORD 
BROWN Matilda J.
131 Child #2:
See RIN # 1574; Brown Family Pedigree 
BROWN Minerva

First settled about 2-3 miles east of Salisbury, but moved into town. He purchased the building on the
west corner of Main and Ennis Streets where he conducted a store for many years. The place was
afterwards occupied by his son ( ? ) until about 1860. 
133 Child #8:
Cocke County Census Record 1870, Wamsbury District Family # 214-214 
BROWN Pheby ( Phoebe ) Elizabeth
134 Find a Grave Memorial Marker # 60147558. Record added by Gayle Noreen Walker BROWN Pheby ( Phoebe ) Elizabeth
135 Child #6;
data source " The ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Brown, The Wagonmaker, by
Margaret Brown Anderson." 
BROWN Phillip
136 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROWN R.H.

Marriage: according to Kay Bolls in FL ( email 15 May 1999) Joseph Smith and Sarah Brown were
married out of union ( Sarah was a Baptist and Joseph was a Quaker ). Info from " Ancestors and
Descendants of Abraham Brown the Miller and Jacob Brown the Wagonmaker." 
138 Data provided by Susan Buckner, 628 Alexander Rd., Alexander, NC 28701.
Sarah Elizabeth was swinging in a swing on an old oak tree at her parents home when the limb
broke striking her on the head. 
BROWN Sarah Elizabeth
139 Child #11;
Data Source, " The History of Washington County, Tennessee".
Solomon was a stonemason and farmer. During the War of 1812, he enlisted as a private
in Captain Andrew Lawson's Company. Colonel Williams Johnson's regiment, East Tennessee
Drafted Miltia. Due to illness he was discharged early, this illness plauged him for the remainder
of his life.

Solomon Brown was living in White County, Tennessee according to the 1840 census and was
back in Washington county by the time of the 1850 census. Solomon became a member of the
Cherokee Babtist Church, January 2, 1802. Later he was excluded for a disorderly house and drinking
to excess. He was later reinstated. He died in Greene County, Tennessee, March 1860.

" The History of Washington Co., Tennessee states that he moved to Washington Co. with his parents
in 1796. ( Found family listed in 1790 Rowan County, North Carolina Federal Census ). 
BROWN Solomon

Solomon was still home or near by when his father, Tobias, d. He would be 23 years old and is mentioned in the settlement of the estate of his father. " 1846- The undersigned companies of account for Pulaski Cty at the law office of W.W. Hailey in the town of Somerset on Thursday the 19th day of Feb, 1846.
Henry N. Beaty, administrator of the estate of Tobias Brown, dec'd for the purpose of making settlement-present Solomon Brown in his own right and as guardian to Mary Ann Brown- the others having accepted notices which are herewith filed."

Solomon is mentioned again in " Notes from the Cty Records, relating to the children of Tobias: Solomon Brown settled with the Commissioners on Oct 2,1849, guardian to Mary Ann Palmer ( Brown ). Settled
November 19, 1849.

Nothing else is known of Solomon except that being the eldest, he left home and, for reasons unkown
took the advice of Horace Greely and went West to Louisiana, Missouri. In attempting to trace any of his
descendants in Missouri, letters were written to all Browns in that area. 5 replied to the negative, the rest not bothering to reply at all. 
BROWN Solomon

Tobias went to Kentucky about 1821 and wrote the Smiths to come on out. They had land grants
on the Cumberland River, where they farmed. Both Tobias and Sarah were of the Lutheran or
Reformed Faith in Rowan Cty, helped establish the Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Somerset where their children were christened.

The Smiths of Rowan Cty, NC came from the German Palatinate, probably in 1750. The Ship Phoenix,
John Mason, Captain, from Rotterdame, last from Cowes arrived at Phil, PA on August 28,1750 with 539
passengers, among them Peter Schmitt, John David Schmitt, Casper Schmitt, Casper Bruner, George
Volz, Michael, Jacob and Christopher Fisher, Jacob Frederick West, Hans Braun, Hans George Schultz,
and others who names are not in Rowan Cty, NC. This was probably the beginning of the Smith
migration. On Nov 8, 1752 the Snow Louisa with John Pittcairne as Captain, brought 50 passengers from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, to Phila , PA. Among them was George Michael Smith, who found his way to Rowan Cty, NC , near what is now Salisbury, the Cty seat.

Peter Schmidtt ( Smith ) and his son, George Michael Schmidt ( Smith ), recieved Grants ( deeds ) for land the same day, August 23rd, 1759 from the agents of John Earl Granville, the remaining Proprietor of the Carolina Grant. The lands were located on Crane Creek, near Salisbury, in Rowan Cty. Here they lived
and died, Peter Smith, Sr. in 1775, and his son George Michael Smith in 1814.

The Rowan Cty records mention these Smiths and their descendants many times. Descendants still live in Rowan Cty today and are still making contributions to the development of the Cty and State. Some have migrated to other states, notably Pulaski Cty, KY and Lawrence and Boone Cty, Indiana.

Sarah Smith was the granddaughter of Peter Smith ( Schmidtt ) Court records show that on the 18th
of May, 1819, Tobias was appointed guardian to his brother, Nathan ( orphan of Daniel Brown ), and again on the 22 November 1821 was appointed guardian by the court of the state of NC over his sister, Anna B. Brown.

In the November term of 1828, page #625 deeds, State of KY, Pulaski Cty Court session, he was appointed as follows: " Agreeable to the order of the Court of aforesaid, this indenture is made between Wm. Faro, Clerk of said Court on account of HIRAM BARNES, son of John Barnes, a poor person, now here before the court & consent of the one part and Tobias Brown of the other part witnesseth that the said Hiram Barnes is honestly & industiously to serve and obey the said Tobias
Brown in all lawful commands until he shall be 21 years of age and the said Tobias Brown doeth
covenant and agree to find the said Hiram Barnes a sufficiency of good wholesome diet and all the
necessaries so long as he shall serve him the said Tobias Brown and to have him the said Hiram
Barnes taught all the common arts and ministries of the farming business and also to have him taught to read and write and common arithmetic including the rules of three and to treat him in a human
and tender manner in all things and at the expiration of said Hiram Barnes term who was 10 years of
age the 6th of April, 1828, the said Tobias Brown is to give him 3 pounds 10-shillings and a decent
suit of new clothes. In Witness"

Tobias Smith grew up a farmer ( although his father was a silversmith ) and when old enough he followed his Ribelin and Smith kinfolk to Pulaski Cty, KY where he met and m. Sarah Smith 
BROWN Tobias
Page # 241
Samuel Bugg, Senr.
Wife-Sarah Bugg
Son-Jacob Bugg-negro
Daughter-Sarah Towler-negro and after death to her children
Daughtter-Agnes Lee- negro
Daughter-Ruth Bugg-negro and furniture
Son-Sherwood Bugg- 10 pounds money
Grandsons-John, Benjamin, Jesse and Sherwood Bugg- 10 pounds each
Son-Edmund Bugg- Livestock
Son-Samuel Bugg- 20 shillings Sterling
Son-Anselm Bugg- of my estate both real and personal
Lend all of my estate to my wife Sarah during her natural life and at her decease to be divided as said.
Executor: Son-Anselm Bugg
Witness: Amos Hix/Hicks
/s/ Samuel ( mark ) Bugg
George Freeman, William Cox(Cockes )
Will dated 13 December 1756
Recorded 1 May 1759
Note: At the bottom of the abstract: Anselm Bugg qualifies as executor with Samuel YOUNG and Sherwood BURR his securities. 
BUGG Samuel
New York, 1975 by Arthur Meredyth Burke
Page # 429 
Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, Vol # 38, page # 375: Sophia Burgess, daughter of
Colonel William Burgess and Sophia Ewell. 
BURGESS *Sophia Elizabeth
145 NOTE:

List of Inhabitants and Buildings ( Stafford County, Virginia ) 1785
Page # 191
Burgess, William
No of persons in family ( 4 )

The Peytons of Virginia: compiled by the Peyton Society of Virginia @ 1976 also lists Sophia Elizabeth
Burgesses parents as John and Elizabeth Burgess. Need to research this fact. 
146 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BURROWS S.

Ann was transported to Virginia in 1646 by her father, Edward S. Cannon. Stephen Cannon of Stepney
Parish, Somerset Co., Maryland was a brother of Ann Cannon. She subsequently cross the Bay to Somerset County, Maryland in 1663. James and Ann are the progenitors of the illustrious Dashiell
family in America.

SOURCE: Dashiell Family Records, Volume #1, by Benjamin Dashiell.

She died ca. 1697/05, Wetipquin ( research ). 3/4/04 

Edward and his family came to Virginia in 1646, being transported by Edward HALL of Lower Norfolk
County. Two of their children ended up crossing the Bay to Somerset County, Maryland when they were grown.

SOURCE: Wainwright and Related Families by Emerson B. Roberts. ( privately printed book ). 
CANNON Edward S.
Long Island Geneologies by Bunker
Hempstead was bought in 1644 from the natives by the Reverend Robert Fordham and Mr. John Carman.
John Carman came over on the ship LYONS and landed at Cape Cod on October 18, 1631 

1698 Hempstead, Nassau County, New York Census

Long Island Geneaologies by Bunker
Hempstead was bought in 1644 of the natives by Reverend Robert Fordham and Mr. John Carman. John
Carman came over on the ship LYON and landed at Cape Cod on October 18, 1631 ( heath-master.R GED ). 

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