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1 Family: F1535
2 13th January 2004: Correspondence request to Jackson County for copy of Marriage Certificate:
Recieved on the 19th January 2004 as follows:

James W. Guinn to Sarah Jane Chandler
Marriages of Jackson County, AL
1871-1876 and 1876-1881, Book #B ( Page # 87 )
Certificate # 172, the above parties were married by me at my residence on the 10th day of July 1872
RCL Gill, Justice of the Peace ( J.L. Martin ) witness 
Family: F7
3 6 January 1961, Divorced from Lawrence Brown in Walker Co. Georgia Family: F4
4 Adam-Ashby Family History
Bob Adams: Bob@bob-adams.com
Marriage License applied for: 1 March 1824, Harrison County, Indiana 
Family: F138
5 Biography as submitted by Ronald and Margaret Meek.

William Stephen Maxwell was born November 14, 1833 in Jackson County, AL. He and Sarah Jane Dame were married in Jackson County,AL on March 22,1854. They became parents of a large family.

In the fall of 1861 Maxwell mustered in as a Private in Company F of the 42nd Tennessee at Camp Cheaton, TN. He was captured at Fort Donelson, TN on February 16, 1862 and later paroled. When Company H, became apart of Norwood's Battalion of Alabama, 55th Alabama Infantry. W.S. Maxwell was back with his fellow infantrymen. His brother Hugh P. Maxwell's records also show he enlisted in Co. F of the 42nd Tennessee and was discharged from Company H of the 55th Alabama Volunteers.

After the close of the Civil War, Wm S. Maxwell moved his family from Jackson County, Alabama to Falls County, TX. He first appeared on the tax roll of Falls County in 1873. He settled near Powers Chapel on land of the Mary Prior League, which he acquired from Mr. E.M. Wilder according to deed records of the county.

Maxwell died January 9, 1886, in Falls County and was buried in Power's Chapel Cemetery.

On September 13,1909, his 75 year old widow, Sallie Maxwell, ( living with her daughter Sarah Jane Curry, Ft. 3, Mart, McLennan County) applied for W.S. Maxwell's war pension. In May of 1910, her application which included sworn statements from Maxwell's lifelong friend W.W. Smith of Jackson County, Alabama and Hugh P. Maxwell of Falls County, TX was denied by the Adjutant Generals Office of the War Department in Washington, D.C. Sallie Maxwell died about 3 years later at the age of 78 years old. The family has reason to believe, that she is buried by his side without a marker.

The name William Stephen Maxwell was sometimes recorded as William Steven or William Stevenson Maxwell in the Confederate and other records. He signed legal papers in Jackson County, AL concerning his father's estate as William Stephen Maxwell. His father's name was William Maxwell, therefore he was called Stephen. The family home had been near Stevenson, AL. These facts became obstacles in family research.

Current Even:
On Saturday, September 28,2002, at 1:00 pm relatives of William Stephen Maxwell and select friends gathered in Powers Chapel Cemetery to dedicate a recently acquired Confederate Grave Marker.

Genealogy inquiries may be addressed to:
Margaret Meek
7117 Oxford Drive
Waco, TX 76712
Donna Hatthorn
P.O. Box # 456
Danbury, TX 77534 
Family: F1318
6 Bondsman was Solomon Brown ( his Brother ) Family: F1113
7 Divorced from Lawrence Brown on the 4th September 1968 Family: F10
8 Divorced: from Ray/SEALE in 1987 Family: F207
9 Florida Marriage Collection
Volume #3389, Certificate #038511 FL Dept. of Health 
Family: F910
10 Index to Marriage Record 1826-1920 Inclusive, Volume 1, Letters A-K Inclusive.
Orange County, Indiana
Original Record Location: County Clerk's Office Paoli, W.P.A. Compiled by Indiana Work
Progress Administration
Book # C-2, Original Source Page # 120 
Family: F134
11 Index to Marriage Records 1826-1920 Inclusive Volume #2: Letters L-Z Inclusive.
Orange County, Indiana
Book # C-2, Original Source Page #120

1850 Federal Census: North East Township: Orange County, Indiana
Page # 421 ( Isaac S.( Shelby ) Potter 
Family: F135
12 Indiana State Library Genealogy Divison:
Indiana Marriages through 1850
Book D-4 
Family: F137
13 Indiana State Library Geneaology Division
Indiana Marriages through 1850 
Family: F136
14 Jackson County, Alabama Marriages 1851-1856 and Book A, 1851-1871 ( G-I Surnames )
Page # 391, Line # 557 
Family: F231
15 Jackson County, Alabama Marriages 1851-1856 and Book #A 1851-1871, G-I Surnames:
Page # 801, L.1358 
Family: F228
16 Jedithian Taler CHANDLER married Malissa Jane SMITH in her Fathers Home, Jackson County, AL Family: F152
17 Marriage Fact: April 1811, married by her uncle, Reverend Benjamin Irvin Family: F173
Also lists Abt 1775 in Surray Co., North Carolina
as listed by Clinton R. Haggard
Electronic. Will verify on my own.  
Family: F698
19 Marriage Note: Mary and William were married by Mary's father, Reverend John Lacy  Family: F1430

The Marriage License Bonds of Mecklenburg County, Virginia from 1765 to 1810, page #25
Hix, Nathaniel of Georgis, to Frances Burton, October 9, 1783.
Sherwood Bugg, Security
Sherwood Bugg, would be the son of Samuel Bugg, This Nathaniels great uncle.

Another interesting note: for Chandler Research

The Marriage License Bonds of Mecklenburg County, Virginia from 1765 to 1810, page #9
Joel Chandler and Aryness Leigh, 12 April 1774
Nathaniel Hix security 
Family: F1513
From more Coffee County, Marriages:
B.F. Reed, 20, farmer born and lived in Coffee County-Mary Ann Glenn, 16. Marriage performed
1 October 1882 by J.M. Wiser, JP. Witnesses: John Low, Richard Keel; # 135, p # 13
Manchester Times, 29 September 1882

Marriage License: 29 September 1882 
Family: F1611
Rufus King Maxwell
Pheba Goff
20 March 1871
Jackson County, Alabama
Performed by: Minister of the Gospel
Surety: J.J. Richards
OS Page: #7 
Family: F1301
23 Marriage: 4/8/1896: Book # H-1, Page # 290 ( Indiana WPA Marriage Index )
Original Record Location: County Clerk's Office Paoli, Orange Co., Indiana
Book # C-9 ( page # 101 ) 
Family: F33
24 Marriage: Washington County Book #F ( Page # 433 )
Index to Marriage Records of Washington County, Indiana 
Family: F132
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2
27 Married: 25 February 1626/1627 in Battel, Sussex, England ( St. Matthias Day and Shrover Monday ) Family: F717
28 Microfilm # 0007119 Franklin County Marriages ( Dec 16,1805-August 7 1826) Family: F261
29 Nancy Price King was married by her father, Benjamin King Family: F277
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F84
31 Note for Marriage:
Marriage performed by Joseph CHANDLER. Justice of the Peace who was possibly Polly's grandfather
if Polly is the daughter of Eli and Sarah ( CHANDLER ) Bryan. 
Family: F245
Betty King McCoskey has 30th November 1817. Confirm 25th or 30th 
Family: F390
33 On 2nd September 1807 Barbara married Barnabus Barnett West, son of Barnabus West and Sally Wallace, in Lincoln County, NC. Barnabus was born in 1782 in Shelton Laurel, Buncombe County, NC and died in 1850 in Cookeville, Putnam, TN.

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Name: Barny West
Gender: Male
Spouse: Barbary Rumfelt
Spouse Gender: Female
Bond Date: 2nd September 1807
Bond #: 000076484
Image No: 006952
County: Lincoln
Record#: 01 130
Bondsman: Isaac made his mark West
Witness: DM Forney 
Family: F16097
34 Orange County Indiana Index to Marriages
Book # H-1, Page # 242 
Family: F170
35 Orange County, Indiana Index to Marriages
Book # C-8, Page # 382 
Family: F171
36 Pulaski County Marriage Records, Book I Family: F1632

1789, January 7. William King, Marriage Bond to Polly Woodson. Surety: Philip King 
Family: F295
38 Source Note of Second Marriage:
Mollee Wolfe Puckett's Ancestors
Family Group Sheet: John Gillon ( familytree@thegillons.net ) 
Family: F242
39 SOURCE NOTE: 3/30/04

As per Betty Jean McCoskey correspondence he was married two others times. 
Family: F1030
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1348

Family: F240
42 SOURCE NOTES: Washington Co., Tennessee, Marriages and Wills, Volume #1

Solomon BROWN to Mary BAYLESS, rites performed by Abraham BROWN. Testator:
Jason Sevier & Urin Bayless 
Family: F120
43 United States Federal Census, dated 17th September 1850, Barbara and Barnabus were living in District 9, Overton Co., TN. Barnabus's occupation is listed as Mechanic.

In the United States Federal Census dated 27th June 1860, Barnabus and Barbara were living is District 6, Putnam County, TN. Barnabus' occupation is listed as Carpenter. In this census record, Hannah is living with them.

Barnabus and Barbara had eight children:
Barnabus Reuben West ( 1807-1883
Stephen West ( 1810-)
Anderson West ( 1812-1889)
Hannah West ( 1816-)
Henry West ( 1817- )
Issac G. West ( 1820-1870)
Jemima West ( 1822-1870)
Wilson West ( 1824-1899 )
Isaac West, SR. ( 1740-1830 ) 
Family: F16097

3/1/06 from Bruce Price ( JiaBuSi@aol.com):
Catherine, Here is the abstract of Eleanor's will with the genealogical goodies
WL01-053-054 Holt, Eleanor 10/9/1879 11/../1879
my oldest daughter Elizabeth Driskill....USA penion act
my second oldest daughter, Judah Shepard
my third daughter Elleanor Conways
my fourth daughter Obedience Smith
my fifth daughter Harriet Owens
my sixth daughter Sarah Gammons
my seventh daughter Rachel Walker
my eight daughter Charlotte Smith
Lucinda Smith, daughter of Charlotte
my husband Zebidee Holt

Here are other places I find her in probate records. This is an executor's bond (EB) and two administor's settlement documents
Holt, Elleanor 11/03/0879 EB01-424
Holt, Elleanor 06/28/1882 AS01-384-384
Holt, Ellenor 04/20/1880 AS01-118-119

I don't find anything on Isaac N. Brown. The only John Dickson I have is as guardian to some Howell
children. Could be a different John.


Inquiry on Rootsweb: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~j11980d/smith/holtraggett.html

Zebidee was born about 1789. He married Elender Raggett. She was born about 1800. They
have one child. Harriet was born February 24,1836
As well, search the following. Eleanor might be a daughter of Ambrose Atkins.
U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Volume #2:
Original data: House of Representatives. Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims
which have been presented to the House of Representatives, Volume II, Washington DC Government
Printing office, 1853.

Ze??ediah Holt
( see heir of Ambrose Atkins ). 
1900 Census has Elizabeth living with Henry, Clarence and Nicholas in St. John's Township, Toledo, Ohio.
So who is Josephine.

Question from Linda Ossler, ( gillin5 @ ticon.net ) 13 July 2004. 
46 SOURCE:Gedcom file recieved from Barbara M. Harbold, 6499 S. Lotus Way, West Jordan, UT 84084
Phone # 801/963-3760, Smith recieved on 24 March 1998 via e-mail attachedment BARBARA101@prodigy.net

NOTE; From Frank Bradley at Bradley FM@aol.com dated 4 May 1998 states: " I have nothing more on
Sarah Alexander except a statement that her father might be Anthony Alexander of Tryell City,
Born 1665 in Scotland
Pedigree charge via e-mail from Francis M. Bradley date 30 August 2000 ( BradleyFM@aol.com )
427 Timberlake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940, page #4 
ALEXANDER Sarah( I dispute ), HARRISON
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ALMAN A.

From Ancestors and Relations of Parker & Trisha ( Layton ) Todd
Homepage: The Todd Family of Caroline County, Maryland

The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, by Clement s & Wright

13 August 1777, Private Jeremiah Andrew in Capt. Nehemiah Andrew's Company, 14th Battalion, Caroline County MD. Also in this company were 2nd LT Aaron Manship, Privates Beauchamp Andrew,
Nehemiah Andrew, Jun'r, William Covey, Nathan Manship, Elijah Manship, James Sullivan, Jesse
Weatherly, Jesse Wad dell, Samuel Ozment, Abnor Weatherly, John Covey, John Caul k, William
Weatherly, John Weatherly, Job Weatherly, Isaac Weatherly, John Lyster, James Dilling, Flori nce
Sullivan, Fletcher Sullivan, John Sullivan, Darby Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan, William Sullivan, William
Jackson, Joshu a Dilling.


1778 Census of Caroline County, MD, Great Choptank HD
Males 18 years of age or over

Jeremiah Andrew
Caroline County Land Records Lib. GR#A fol 396
Dated 26 May 1779
Joseph Records of Sussex Co., DE

--to Jeremiah Andrew of Caroline Co. for 55 pounds hard mon ey, negro woman " Merear", late
property of Joseph Brown.
Witnesses: Thos. Laws, Charles Brown

The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, by Clement s & Wright:

Ensign Jeremiah Andrew commissioned 17 December 1781, Captain James Andrew's Co.
14th Battalion, Caroline Co., MD

Caroline County, MD Land Records Lib. GF#A fol. 841
Dated 24 March 1785 and 14 April 1784
Joseph Richardson, Jun'r, Gent of Caroline Co.
to Richard Andrew and Jeremiah Andrew, Farmers, for 58 pou nds 1 shilling, 64 1/2 acres being
part of Painter's Range on the branches of Hunting Creek.
Ackn. by Joseph Richardson & Ann, his wife.

1790 Census of Caroline co., MD

Jeremiah Andrew, 1 male ( 16 & up ) 2 males ( 0-16) & 2 females
Caroline Co., MD Land Records Lib. TR#D fol. #208:
Dated 4th December 1792
Jeremiah Andrew, and Mary his wife of Caroline Co.
to Richard Andrew, Jr. of Caroline Co., MD, part of " Pain ter's Range"

Carline Co., MD Land Records Lib TR#E fol.45
Dated 1794
Jeremiah Andrew, and Mary, his wife
to Richard Andrew, Jr. of Caroline Co., part of " Painter's Range"

From Renne-Murphy WFT: Sally Renne Murphy:

Jeremiah Andrew married Mary Montgomery. They had at least two children, Bennett and Margaret.
Bennett Andrew married Mary Leah Dillon. Bennett and Mary Leah Dillon Andrew had at least four
children, Thomas, Mary Leah " Polly" , Sallie, and Joshua T. Andrew. Margaret Andrew married
Rodger Willis. They had at least one child , Mary Willis.

Jeremiah Andrew's will lists specific items for " son, Bennett, and granddaughter Mary Willis.
Jeremiah bequeathed a feather bed to his granddaughter Mary Willis. Bennett recieved the balance
of property except Rodger Willis."
Executors: Wife, Mary Montgomery Andrew(s) and Rodger Willis. 
ANDREW *Jeremiah


Could not understand the naming of Lewis: Lewis Bowles?
Found: the following biography from Orange County GENWEB ( Goodspeed Biography )

Dr. Lewis S. Bowles, was born at French Lick Springs in Orange County, December 8, 1834. He is one of three children, all sons, born to Thomas C. and Anna ( Patton) Bowles, who came from Maryland in an early day and located in Washington Co., Indiana. Thomas C. Bowles, while a young man, went South and for several years had charge of an extensive plantation. Upon his return North he settled in Orange County a short time, but soon after in Washington County; his death occured in 1840. Lewis S. began the study of medicine in 1850, with Dr. T.C. Kelso, at Livonia, in Washington, Co.
After attending a course of lectures at the University of Louisville, KY, he began the practice at French Lick Springs, which he continued for eighteen months, then went to Fredricksburg. In 1865 he located at Paoli, and the following year began doing a retail drug trade, with a stock valued at about $ 2,200. In this Dr. Bowles has been more than ordinarily, succesful, and he now has one of the most complete stocks of drugs and druggist's sundries kept in southern Indiana, and is valued at about $ 15,000. He owns about 800 acres of land, and in 1874 built the finest residence in Orange County. His marriage with Ms. Lizzie Andrews ****( here was the clue ) of Fredricksburg, Indiana was solemnized September 25, 1861, and to their union two children have been born, named William T. and James A.
He is a ardent Democrat in politics and a member of the Blue Lodge in Masonry. Dr. Bowles has made his own way in life beginning in the practice of his profession with $ 25 of borrowed capital and
he is now one of the wealthy and influential men of the county. He has been one of the School Trustees of Paoli for several years and is now a fifth owner in the Orange County Agricultural Association, of which he has been Superintendent ever since its organization in the spring of 1883.

Mary Jo Andrews named her son after her sisters husband. 

Ancestors and Relations of Parker & Trisha ( Layton ) Todd
Home Page: The Todd Family of Caroline County, Maryland

1778 Census of Caroline Co., Maryland Great Choptank Hd.
Males 18 years or over

Richard Andrew

The Republican star, Easton, MD 21 April 1812
Richard Andrew, aged 89, living at the Walnut Trees, ( now H ynson ) in Caroline County, has
11 children, 110 grandchildr en and 84 great grandchildren ( living ).

Caroline Co. MD Wills Lib JR#C fol.267
Dated 20 December 1792, Probated 11 January 1815
Richard Andrew of Caroline Co., MD
dau-Mary Andrew
dau-Rhodah Bland
dau-Nancy Turner
dau-Dolly Dilling
dau-Tamsey Sparklin
Wit: Richard Willis, Absalom Harding, Nehemiah Andrew ( dec'd by 1815)
ANDREW *Richard

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