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Abandoned Cabin on David Browns original property
in Greene Co., TN Brown Family Reunion. 1st July 2006. Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL Catherine, Don and P.K. at our favorite restaurant Masa Sugami Charley Talley Brown, photo taken in Jackson County, Alabama late 1930 or very early 1940. Draft Registration for Henry William Lazette,
dated 1918 Ellender Maxwell Ridley/William Spiller Ridley Emma Sheappert ( Sheppard ) Gerald King, United States Army ( 1942 ) Grandfather Willard and Grandmother Alice Lazette King
Hugh Paul Maxwell ( 1861-1925) Jackson Co., AL Leonard Schaeppert ( Sheppard )my grandmother Emma' Schaeppert ( Sheppard ) father Old abandoned barn on David Browns original property, Greene Co., TN Old stone grinder from David Brown land in Greene Co., TN Photo of existing historic cabin on David Brown's
original property location, Greene Co., TN taken
by Wayne Conduff Photo taken by Wayne Conduff of old cemetery located at the old David Brown homestead. Robert David Brown Robert David Brown and Magnolia ' Nola ' Guinn Brown Sarah DAME Maxwell The Four King Children: Gerald, Alma, Barton
and Virginia
Tombstone of Edward Ellis next to wife Martha
Holtzclaw Ellis in Reep-Dunkard Cemetery Washington Co., Indiana Tombstone of Elizabeth Potter consort of Benjamin.
Whetstone style tombstone.  Livonia, Washington Co., IN Tombstone photo for James Ellis in Washington Co., Indiana. Tombstone Photo of Martha Holtzclaw Ellis next to husband Edward Ellis. Reep Dunkard Cemetery in Washington Co., IN U.S. Geological Survey for Isaac N. Brown land patent,Greene Co., TN Uncle Gerald with his tank in 1942, Northern Italy US Geological Land Survey of David Brown, Sr.
land in Greene County, TN Virginia King/Kinge family Coat of Arms as
researched. Wedding Photo of Mary Enzweiler and TBD Willard King and Alice Marie Lazette King
William Stephen Maxwell